Managed SEO Solution for Startups That Can't Do It Themselves Yet

What do you do when you don't have resource in-house for professional SEO? You turn to TheHoth for help with their managed SEO solution! We are still a fairly small team at MagLoft and we don't have a specific team member dedicated to SEO. Writing articles for our blog was something we had been doing when there was time for it, or when a new tutorial video was required.
Today we do something different. With the help of services from TheHoth, we are now able to produce a steady flow of good content for our blog.

WordPress CMS For Our Managed SEO Solution

The MagLoft digital publishing system has been custom built from the ground up. Everything you see after logging in has been coded by us. We also use other apps and startup tools, which we did a separate article on. However, for our public pages we rely on WordPress. Surprised? Not really right! WordPress is absolutely amazing, and it has helped our team separate code from content. Now any team member can update/publish a page or article on our public site.
We do however have a very custom WordPress integration, as it runs on Google Cloud Platform. I'm still convincing our CTO to write an article about this, so please let me know if you want to learn how we did it. Then I can use that as leverage.

How Does TheHoth Managed SEO Solution Work?

It's actually really simple. First a quick overview and then the details.

1. Commit To A Monthly Budget

You basically commit to a monthly budget which today is minimum is $1000 USD. When we got started they had a $500 option which we grabbed, but we are now on the $1000 budget. Keep an eye out for special promotions and deals before signing up. They are pretty good at offering additional bonuses for new customers. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.

2. TheHoth Perform an SEO Audit

Before you can get started with any of their services, they will need to know more about your business, products, services, competitors etc. TheHoth will also run an SEO audit on your site to find low hanging fruits and to develop a longer term content strategy. They use services and tools from SEMrush which is probably the most professional and complete SEO tool on the Internet. This audit will reveal content gaps and good keywords and you will receive the data in a spreadsheet.

3. TheHoth Suggest Services Based on Audit and Budget

This is really where the managed SEO solution comes into play. Once the audit is done and they have enough information they will propose a suite of services based on the audit and your budget. They have a lot of different content creation and link building services available to chose from. For us it's brilliant to let the people who know SEO suggest which services to use and when.

4. You Review and Accept or Reject Services

For any link building service or content creation service there are a number of factors to decide on. What topic, keywords and style of writing do you want for your content? What should the link text be and where should links go? TheHoth will suggest all of this for you, and you get to tweak it all before they start working. Usually you will simply accept the suggestions they make.

5. TheHoth Create Content and Generate Links for You

This is the best part! Now you have a team of writers and link builders working for you. It usually doesn't take very many days for the team to come back with the content they have created for your review. Other SEO services may take a little longer.

6. You Review and Accept or Reject Content

Once an article has been created by TheHoth it is submitted for your review. You are able to read it and comment on any changes you would like them to make. TheHoth also provide a stock image you can chose to use for your article or replace if you have your own. The review response time is very fast and even more impressive is the writing itself. The quality is really good!

7. TheHoth Posts Your Content to Your CMS

This is an optional service TheHoth provides. They are able to create a new blog post in your CMS and submit all the content there. All you have to do is create a user for them and send them login instructions. We used to let them do this, but now we do it ourselves. We use YoastSEO to check that content is optimized and then we usually tweak the articles slightly.

8. You Publish Your Content!

Once everything has been reviewed and you are happy with it it's time to get published! You will notice there is not a lot you need to do in order to make this work. There is of course some work in the beginning, but once TheHoth get to know more about your business, things really get a lot easier.

MagLoft's Choice For Managed SEO Solution

We are very happy with the service that we have received so far. We have been using TheHoth for 6 months at the time of this writing and it has clearly had a positive impact on our SEO rankings and traffic. Below is the almost 100% increase of organic sessions to our website.
So far we have increased our organic sessions from the 2,500 range to almost 5,000. Sure we have been creating our own content as well along with what TheHoth help us with, but there is no doubt that their link building and managed SEO solution has helped a lot. I'm super thrilled with TheHoth and their service. I have had several live strategy calls with the team and they always amaze me.
If you are struggling with SEO and have a budget to spare to hand that over to someone else, then I can honestly recommend TheHoth! Links on this page are affiliate links, so MagLoft will receive a small commission if you do decide to try out their service. If you have any questions before trying feel free to shoot them my way and I will be happy to help.