Look No Further, MagLoft Analytics Feature Is Here! - MagLoftIf there's one request that we receive from our clients constantly over the time, it's that they want to be able to view more advanced statistical data regarding their publication. And we absolutely understand why this one feature is important. Today we're happy to announce the new MagLoft Analytics Feature!Like it or not, statistics plays a vital role in every field of human activities. Especially with businesses, companies tend to use statistics as a way to make decisions. Using statistics will provide companies with real data about complex situations rather than making decisions based on hunches.Here at MagLoft, we love taking the extra steps to help our clients in any way we can. Which is why we're so excited to announce that the wait is over, because MagLoft Analytics Feature is here!MAGLOFT ANALYTICS FEATURE: WHAT IS IT?Simply put, our MagLoft Analytics Feature will track the usage within your native mobile apps. The image above is what the Analytics dashboard looks like. It's an overview of live activity within your apps (whether or not there's a user in your app at the moment).There's a summary of the total sessions, users, time spent by users, as well as average usage time per user. You can also check out in which country most of your sessions and users come from.WHAT CAN I GET FROM MAGLOFT ANALYTICS FEATURE?Lots of things! Of course we won't be able to talk about all sections of the Analytics in details. However, other than the data mentioned above, there are some sections that we believe is essentials for our clients:Of course these are just a few benefit you will get from MagLoft Analytics Feature. There are a lot more awesome stuff ahead that can help your publication grow!HOW DOES THIS HELP MY PUBLICATION GROW?As stated previously, statistics is one of the most important thing that can help you with your business' growth. You can even say that almost all business activities are based on statistical information.The scope of statistics in business doesn't only apply to internal management, but also extends to market research and product development. This is one of the most important functions of statistics, as a sample group is observed and their response to a product is tested and data collected.In one of our post How To Launch a Digital Magazine That People Will Love, we briefly mentioned that you will need to learn your target audience as well as staying flexible. Having statistical data helps you with exactly that!Having access to this kind of data will help you understand your readers. You can learn how your readers use your apps, make small (but critical!) changes for your publication based on your readers. You can also take advantage of data provided to increase your readers' engagement.There's no doubt that understanding your readers' behavior will help your publication grow in the right direction.HOW DO I SET THIS UP?To enable this, you can simply go to your MagLoft portal and look under the Feature section. You can go to the Analytics and click 'Enable Analytics'. We will then set it up and get in touch with you once everything is ready!If you are an existing client of MagLoft and already have your apps published, kindly note that adding this feature will require an app update. So it might take our team some time to update your apps and get the Analytics up and running.Currently this feature is only available for clients with at least Professional plans, but worry not! If you are new to MagLoft, we are currently running a 60 days free trial where you can get your apps published live in the App Stores without paying anything. Our free trial includes this Analytics feature, so you can still see how awesome MagLoft Analytics feature is!NEED HELP?If you need help, please check out our help center here and our YouTube channel here. We have some help articles and videos regarding our features and service that might help you! If you are unable to find what you were looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via live chat (should be available on the right bottom part of your page) or shoot us an email at support@magloft.com.

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