MILESTONE: INTERNSHIP AT MAGLOFT - MagLoftWhat? MagLoft has an Intern? How did this happen? And when? These questions might have just popped into your head and I will be there to deliver you an answer in this blog post.From Austria to Bali - from school to MagLoftFirst and foremost something about myself. My name is Corinna and I am from Austria (if you think that's the place where kangaroos happen to pass your way, you should make use of your friend google to check first ). I have currently passed a huge milestone in a young adult's life: graduation. Shortly after, I found myself faced by the question most young people have to deal with at my age: what to do next with my life?As I have always liked to be busy as well as do a lot of things I knew that graduation was just going to be one big milestone followed by a good deal more. So why not start in the summer holidays straight away by doing an internship?Thanks to my elder brother Felix Krause who is a software engineer I encountered MagLoft. Since I am an adventurous person, working in Bali at a digital publishing platform for several weeks sounded like a jackpot to me. And I can assure you -it is!At first I did not really think there was a slight chance this internship idea would work out. Yet I gave it a try and reached out to the MagLoft Team not expecting anything. Turns out they were quite enthusiastic about the idea of taking an Intern. Eventually if you never try, nothing will ever happen.Working in BaliComing here was more challenging but also more interesting than I had expected. Work thus far was pretty much about understanding how MagLoft works, what programs they use and how they deal with all kind of challenges. The picture below was taken during a daily standup in the M agLoft office and shows the team and me - you can have a guess which girl is me. Tip: I am European.That quote is what I have to remind myself of every now and then as being surrounded by people who seem to get their act together no matter what. MagLoft has extremely experienced and skilled members which makes it hard to keep up sometimes. Nevertheless, I feel grateful to the Team as they have supported me since the first day and kept answering my questions (and believe me - those were tons) with a lot of patience. Thus, I constantly get to learn new things.Life in BaliNeedless to say, I do not only get to know new things at work but also in my day-to-day routine here in Indonesia. There is so much different from Europe and so little is the same. Startingfrom the food (which usually happens to be excessively spicy) and the heat (eating hot and spicy food does not really help with that) through to the traffic regulations (which basically do not exist) and the spoken language ( which does not have a lot of rules e ither - apparently Indonesians do not like to get restricted in any way ?) But with beaches like the one you can see on the picture at the very top I think I could get used to any customNow, there is still so much more for me to figure out, so much more to see, learn and understand... But as far as I am concerned I will definitely benefit from my experience here at MagLoft - and I hope so will they.So much about my next Milestone. What about yours?

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