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World's 10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs Making a Difference, 2021


Aspiring to Make Change

Today, women are leading in every arena of the globe, from generating opportunity to tearing down barriers of old standards and building paths for future generations. Women have achieved numerous milestones throughout history, and they have been equally active as men in every large or little movement of change that has had a good and enduring influence on others.
Women today are not just follower of an idea but they are creating one. They are dedicated to bring and transform an idea into reality. Their dedication and focus towards achieving goals is significant and efforts are undeniable. Women business executives from all around the world have also offered support for other women, regardless of their sector.
Women continue to make great strides in the workplace. They are the founders of cutting-edge businesses, offering game-changing new ideas and paving the way for healthy work culture and worker equity.
World's Leaders has created a list of 10 excellent women business leaders in its forthcoming edition "World's 10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs Making a Difference, 2021" to offer recognition for their outstanding work and efforts, as well as to praise these women leaders who are making both major and little improvements every day. These businesswomen are role models for aspiring businesswomen and provide a valuable lesson for aspiring businesswomen.
The cover story features Oksana Kolesnikova. She is the CEO and franchisor at Oksana Franchising International, Inc. As a multi-role entrepreneur, she is also a live performer; founder of a School of Music; musical collaborator; philanthropist. According to Oksana, female business leaders have already come so far in the world of business. She mentions that all successful and emerging women leaders should be forever grateful to those brave female figures of the past who paved the road for them and, ultimately, faced far more challenges with regard to gender discrimination in the male-domineering world of business; a notion that traces back as little as half a century ago. Just as any business individual and entrepreneur, Oksana herself endured many struggles on the journey of growing her enterprises, but she points out that none of them were related to gender inequality.
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