Apply Branding to Your Email Communications

Be consistent and get your brand to stay in your readers' minds

You can do this since from the very beginning when they register or subscribe to your digital publication. In this article, we'd like to introduce you to the tool to personalize your email communication with your  graphics and brand voice. 

Here's how you can do it.
Your welcome email doesn't have to be bland nor sound like a robot. 

1. You can update the subject line to be more catchy and welcoming
2. Add your banner graphic that reflects your brand
3. Type in some customized messages to welcome your readers
Once a reader opts-in or subscribes to your digital publication, a reader account will be created for them. To prevent spamming, you can enable the double opt-in function. This will send them an email that they need to open and verify to confirm that it's really their email address.

You can enable this option by switching on the double opt-in button in email configuration.
You can also customize the content on this confirmation email with your branding, just like what you can do with the welcome email.
You would be surprised on how often people reset their password!

And yes, you can customize this email to be consistent with the look and feel with other email you are sending them. Another opportunity to remind them about your brand, why don't we take it?

You can do similar step to what you can do with the other email type. Click on the edit button, and fill-in your customization. 
Don't forget to send a test email to your own account, to see how it would appear to your reader. Better yet, why don't you show it to us by sending it to our email 

We're always keen to see you taking your digital publication to the next level!

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