Ideas to Enjoy a Tropical Mindset 
Home Oasis Anywhere on Earth

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Lisa A. Bastian
Samantha Bral (Menefee)
Scott Atwell, Albert Grain,
Jeremy Shephard, 
James Walker CFE,
Charles Waring, Ben Theobold, FishingBooker
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Wicker Warehouse

Edward Bastian, Elizabeth Steinker, 
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Pattie Gehring, 
Sarah Wright, Mary Gibson

Jennifer Robinson, Rachel Kitt

Tropics Lifestyle™ is an independent  digital magazine for those who enjoy a literary adventure. It showcases ideas, products, people and brands to help you enjoy a tropical mindset and home oasis anywhere on Earth! This magazine of positivity was created to spread light,  joy and happiness to a pandemic-weary world by award-winning journalist Lisa Bastian. 

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