Letter From the Editor

Views inside Cincinnati's Krohn Conservatory, whose natural beauty made a lifelong impression upon the publisher of this magazine. (Photo credit: Cincinnati Parks.)

When the scary pandemic hit America in March 2020, like many other people facing an unknown virus threat, I began to ruminate about my time spent on Earth up to that point. No doubt I've been blessed with a great life, especiallly in my roles as a mother and wife. And my U.S.-based communications career has provided me some extraordinary experiences as an editor, PR consultant, and business journalist for clients nationwide.

I also thought about missed opportunities and "roads not taken." Sadly, I was reminded one big goal still eluded me: to publish my own consumer lifestyle magazine focused on people, brands, places and things embodying the tropical/coastal lifestyle.

Magazines always have been part of my professional life for over 35 years. If I wasn't the managing editor for a few national and regional magazines, I was writing for them. So far, over 600 of my feature and business articles have been published by publications representing diverse industries.

Well, since you're reading
Tropics Lifestyle today, you know my dream is now a reality! Its existence is largely due to the support of my husband Ed, who co-owns our new publishing business, Palm Life Publishing.

This digital magazine was created for two reasons. First, I want to share ideas about living a "tropical lifestyle" with others who do so via their home decor, furniture, food, music and oceanside vacations. It doesn't matter one iota to many of us that we live great distances from a beach. The mindset is strong!

The second reason this magazine exists? Through lighthearted, positive storytelling, I intend to give my readers a fun-filled, momentary escape from an increasingly confushing world. The publication offers a number of "long-form" journalistic articles (1,200 to 2,000 words in length) catering to those who enjoy a more literary style of reading adventure. 

The primary person who influenced me the most to pursue this project is my mother,
Elizabeth Steinker. She loves tropical beach getaways, seashells, tropical jazz, the color blue, flamingos, the pursuit of a dark tan every vacation, oceanside sunsets with cocktails, a tasty Grouper meal, and decorating her home with coastal influences. (Yes, she embodies the ideal "customer persona" for Tropics Lifestyle.)

Elizabeth influenced me in another powerful yet unintended way. Ever since I can remember, my family frequently visited Cincinnati's Krohn Conservatory. This national treasure delights visitors with 3,500 plant species from around the world. I trace back the genesis of my affection for anything tropical to my dozens of trips there, where I spent hours admiring exotic flora growing in its Palm, Tropical and Orchid rooms.

My mother has even more years of fond memories about the conservatory than I do. One of her sweetest goes back to the mid-1950's, when her stunning indoor wedding party photos were taken there against a backdrop of towering rain forest plants. (See photos below.)

If you enjoy reading Tropics Lifestyle magazine, please tell your friends about us, won't you? And be sure to contact me with any comments or story ideas; your input is invaluable. Together, let's all find joy by "living the Palm Life"!
Lisa A. Bastian
Editor/Publisher, Tropics Lifestyle magazine 

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TROPICS (or 760- 876-7427)

My parents, Elizabeth (nee Kitt) and Frank Steinker of Cincinnati, had their bridal photo (top) and wedding party photo (bottom) taken by professional photographer inside Cincinnati's Krohn Conservatory in front of its lush Tropical room. Mother's love of all things coastal greatly inspire my own decorating style, and enjoyment of the beach life.