How to Add an Advertisement to Your Universal App

All you need to know on publishing an advertisement to your Universal App.
Are you promoting a new product of your advertising partner? Or do you want to increase awareness for your own brand? Advertisements are a great tool for you to help raise awareness!

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add advertisements to your Universal App.

There are 4 important steps to remember:
1. Create New Advertisement through Ad Manager
2. Choose the format of your advertisement, Image or HTML
3.  Set your target audience on Campaign Manager, and link the advertisement
4. Save, Publish and add an Advertisement block on the Designer tab
After signing in to your Universal App account, head to Advertisements > Ad Manager  on the left sidebar, and choose Create New Advertisement.
It will direct you to fill all of the required information below.
On our Ad Manager features, you can create a Banner Ad. These can either be in the form of a still image or an embedded HTML.

After clicking Create New Advertisement, you will be asked to fill in the following information:

Ad Configuration
Insert the name of your ad and select your ad type

  • Ad Name - Name your ad. This needs to be a unique name for your internal ad management, this will not be displayed anywhere to your readers. 
  • Advertisers - The name of your Universal App.
  • Ad type - Choose the type of ad you would like to add. Currently, only the Banner type is available. In the near future, we will include different ad types like pop-up or Interstitial ads that can appear in between pages of your issues.
  • Campaign - Insert the campaign with the targeted audiences that you want to linked to the advertisement.

Ad Designer
Decide how you would like your ad to look like.

  • Ad Format - Choose between Image and HTML.
Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to add images or HTML. We have also prepared a guideline to make sure the image you have uploaded on your UA remains high quality, click here to learn more!
  • Website URL - Input the URL you want your audience to visit when they click on your ad.
  • Headline - Place an eye-catching title for your ad that will catch your audience's attention
  • Text - Explain briefly and in detail what you are promoting advertisements.
  • CTA Text - Call To Action. Short sentence that will attract readers to visit the advertisement.
  • Publish Ad - Tick the box if you want to publish the ad right away. If you want to save it as a draft for now, don’t worry, you can leave it blank and change the settings later when you are ready to publish it.

Before publishing your ad to your Universal App homepage, it’s important to know the actions available on the Ad Manager tab.

1. Button 1 is the copy button to duplicate your ad
2. The eye icon on button 2 is a shortcut where you can quickly publish or unpublished your ad
3. The pencil icon on button 3 is to edit your ad
4. Button 4 on the far-right is to delete your ad permanently

After creating your advertisement, create the campaign with the targeted audience, through Advertisement > Campaign Manager 
It will ask you to fill the required information needed as shown below:
  • Campaign Name - Insert the campaign name. Feel free to insert any name, as this will only be visible to you.
  • Target Audience - You can choose more than one target audience. We recommend to focus to only one or two target audience, to make sure that the advertisement reach it goals.
  • Status - Tick if you are ready to publish your campaign.
  • Linked Advertisement - Advertisement linked to your Campaign.
As you have created the advertisement, link it to your Campaign by going to "Unlinked Advertisement" click the plus sign next to the title of the advertisement, or tick the advertisements, and click "+ Link", as shown below
Save your changes. By this, when you add the campaign to your Universal App homepage, the advertisements will only be shown to the target audience you had set on Campaign Manager.
If you are ready to show your advertisement on your Universal App homepage, you will need to add an Advertisement block on the main layout of your Universal App. Follow the step-by-step tutorial right here to find out how!

You have now successfully created and published an advertisement for your Universal App!

Get stuck? Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or simply send an email to

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