The ironed feathered eagles are 

now in flight

Across the morning sky, all the birds are leaving how can they know that it’s time to go?” asked Nina Simone in her 1969 song titled ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes”. Like birds, most of us agree with the metaphor that “time flies” what inspires its flight however is often not explored enough. As friends of the weather birds are good at reading seasonal shifts and taking advice from changes in the climate to inform their flight plans. Before I expand on this, let me share an encounter and a vision I had not long ago.

Early one morning, I woke up and was startled to see part of three large sharp iron feathers that I immediately knew belonged to an enormous eagle stretched across the entire length of my bedroom. The feathers inspired a jolt of fear in me even as Psalm 91:1 “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty” gently crossed my mind depositing the swift realization that the “shadow” was coming from the wing of a enormous eagle. So awesomely fierce was the appearance of the features, I felt that they could cut the wind to pieces. Shortly after this encounter, I had a vision while in prayer and I saw this eagle that filled the expanse of the sky and as I continued to look I saw that under its mighty wing span flew an impressive convocation of eagles. Moving in unison they kept ascending into the skies with unhurried and effortless ease. The revelation then filled my heart that the main eagle was the Lord and the eagles beneath His wings were prophets that He trained and raised by Himself. They soared in confident expectation with the chief eagle who ever so often said to them in a calm tone “hold”. I detected a bit of amusement in His voice as He uttered the command and I knew that His bemusement came from a few of the eagles who really wanted to take on the sky and give the stars a show because they had become a bit restless with waiting when they wanted to soar.

The command “hold” was in relation to it not being the appointed time for these eagles to take off in every direction possible across the expanse of the earth. The encounter and the vision took place in 2018. Now in 2023, these prophetic eagles that have ascended in intimacy with the Lord will now descend in the global market place with the revelation conceived in the secret place. The words they will release will go to war against secular predictions and unravel facts from fiction. They will also separate the foxes among the sheepfold with time wise insights that prepares the Church to fight in faith as we hasten towards the end of this age to begin another.
“ Tell the remnant to get in formation if they want to soar with the winds of global transformation ”
In the late 14th century the word “formation” meant “a vital force in plants and animals.” By the early 15th century it became “the act of creating, shaping fashioning or making something”. Contemporary definition of the word means “a thing that has been formed.” Combining the 14th century and 15th century definition we can logically define ‘formation’ as “the vital force [i.e. ‘Spirit’] of creativity at work in all created things” When the Spirit of the Lord said “Tell the remnant to get in formation if they want to see global transformation” He meant that it is now time to mine the creative core of the Spirit and design-resources with the collective force to inspire and transform across borders. Now to get in this God-like formation I was led to seek information, in the open class room of nature after the Holy Spirit whispered to me the old English proverb “Birds of feature flock together.” Doing a bit of ornithological– the study of birds– research I have discovered a few gems applicable to the church that I have condensed.

Unto us a true prophetic flight flock is now airborn

Ornithologists have long drawn the conclusion that while many birds form flocks only a few form flocks that fly together and the term used to describe those that fly together is “flight flocks” or a “true flock”. The false prophetic movement have caused many in and outside of the church to take prophets and prophesy in general with a meagre pinch of salt. Freak show prophets and fake prophesies aside, there has also been the “one man show” prophetic voice echoing “Thus sayeth the Lord” with pride and prejudice that have created a negative anti-body within the body of Christ that have people looking to the man of God and away from the God of the man. However, there exists a remnant of prophets who have not knelt their knees to what I call the Baalmitic prophetic movement who are graduating from the wilderness training to become a new breed of ’flight (true) flocks’- trained, disciplined and equipped to soar, sift, shift, and shake the foundations of the earth and command the harvest.

Eagles are solitary creatures and usually only pair up for mating. However, they will flock together during the winter time to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions. Now that we are in a PROPHETIC WINTER [2022-2024] we are going to see prophetic eagles congregating at communal roosts– sharing revelation and restorative resources– that will help mitigate the burdens of the cold realities that will blow harshly across the face of the earth to reorient the righteous and disorient the wicked.

Wilderness trained and ordained to coordinate

In a “true-flight– flock” coordinated formation, each bird has the aerodynamic advantage of flying behind and to the side of another bird in order to benefit from the wingtip vortices-circular patterns of rotating air left behind a wing as it generates lift. This allows the birds effortless ease in their turning, spacing, speed and flight direction. The new breed of prophetic flight flocks about to be air lifted to coveted platforms are not on a mission to compete with prophetic voices past or present but to complete the assignment of the office of the prophet according to the pattern portrayed in Scripture. Researchers believe that flight flocks have a sort of biological radius that allows them to communicate in patterns and delegate tasks that works with the weather and the wind. Each bird hones in the signals of the seven birds closest to them and they act as one flying up, down, around and to the side. Owing to this orchestrated formation we are going to see new spaces built with great speed that will turn the body of Christ in the direction of the wind that is blowing in the end time revival. The signatures of the prophetic will then spread with speed across the continents. Lone prophets will find themselves and the sheep under their care wind and winter toss if they choose to maintain in a posture of pride. In the company of these prophetic flock, the culture of humility and honour will usher in the tangible presence of the Lord and command the legacy of the land.

Choreographed intercession will open ancient locks and break down modern blocks holding back the flock.
There is a haunting beauty in the unity of the sound and choreographed movement of patterns in a flock of birds rapidly changing directions to evade their predators. The research reveals that flight flocks have an uncanny ability to choreograph evasive movements in less time than it takes to blink an eye. Such rapidity intimidates and disorients the predators who often abandon the hunt. The Holy Spirit held me hostage to the promise that He is going to lead His prophetic flight flock is an open air orchestra of intercession that will intercept to destroy every weapon forged against His people and unlock their future in less time than the blink of an eye.
“ In every place My flight flock rests, I will build holy-nests with cunning nets to protect the young eaglets. ”
To be holy is to be separated from something, someone or some place for the sake of joining another thing, person or place. Nest is a structure or place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering its young. A net is a device, strategically woven for the purpose of catching things. In many ways a nest is itself a net. In this prophetic winter cycle [2022-2024] the remnant will be building incubation hubs (nests) to “lay” the foundations and shelter the birth of the young “new” breed of prophetically powered movements. The vulnerability of new nests will also have an inbuilt intercessory network that will sound the alarm of lurking and incoming threats and arm themselves appropriately to defend territory. So as they gather, guard and guide the flock towards green pastures they will also ‘lay’ traps for the predators tracking their every move.

they will
hone in to
rescue those
holed up
in old wine
The old wine skin ministries will have a hard time accepting these new wine skin prophetic eagles, because they haven’t cut their prophetic teeth on the man-made traditional way of entering and engaging ministries. The old wine skin are striving to capture the imagination of the world but these new wine eagles imaginations have been released by the word that the world will pursue to capture.