The Future of Creative Fluidity

12 Trends you need to know now for what comes next
Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. Anon
The future has a past so anyone making predictions about upcoming events must have analyzed past occurrences. Consequently, foreseeing the future doesn’t require a crystal ball; your own two eyes are sufficient, provided you have a clear understanding of where and what to observe. By subjecting ideas, trends, actions, prophecies, and innovations to the laboratory of imagination, we have formulated twelve trends that we believe will distinguish you in whatever path your purpose leads you.

1 The present is competition The future is completion future is completion

If you know your purpose and you are focused on being creatively fluent, you won’t be in any competition with a brand, person or entity. The sign of your creative nature will be the signature of your success in the global future market place whether it is experiencing a crisis or a calm.

2 The present is deadlines The future is lifelines

The daily grind and hard hustle to meet deadlines will flatline, but one in the business of creating lifelines that transcend deadend endeavours will be a future staple passionately sought after and hand-somely rewarded.

3 The present is knowledge The future is knowing

The knowledge economy as a system of consumption and production that is based on intellectual capital is on edge as the post pandemic crisis gnaws into top tips, tricks, hacks and side hustles. Pushed off the edge of knowledge, a wise soul will catch a ride to the future on the wings of what TSP calls the knowing economy — the fusion of intellectual capital and spiritual acuity to produce what is good for the whole being [spirit, soul & body] to intelligently consume.

4 The present is LID the future is LIT

Many are living in denial (LID) and they have learnt the art of cosmeticizing their pretences to fit in a world they find impossible to win over by being their most authentic selves. However, the signs are everywhere that the lids are being lifted as the light of truth interrupts the stale narratives that have trapped souls in woeful cycles. Thus they will be lifted in truth (LIT) by those who have been digging deep to uproot habitual pretending and planting in its place time tested principles.

5 The present is breaking news The future is breaking views

When news—noteworthy information about recent events- breaks it has the tendency to splinter into one-sided opinions with jagged edges that often wounds the masses intelligence. The world is ready for true reporting and balance views that incorporates hindsight, insight, foresight, the periphery and the humility to admit your blindside so that you will not end up like the global mainstream media—unashamedly bias.

6 The present is free speech The future is speech that frees

Free speech has reached its peak but speech that frees has just started its climb to topple the cult of contemporary cancel culture. Once you find your voice, the next step is fine tuning it with life giving truths to achieve pitch perfect resonance with your audience.

7 The present is outsourcing smart, The future is outsmarting stupidity

Bubbles burst when the air inside the bubble is under more pressure than the air outside causing the wall of the bubble to fold back on itself and pop. From smart phones to smart city, smart thinking to smart living, the whole world is in a smart bubble that is going to burst because while most have been busy outsourcing smart, few have be looking at the excessive build up of stupidity that is choking humanity.

8 The present is “content is king” The future is “character is queen”

The appetie for content-something of great and lasting quality- is robust and growing. Yet, it is only only those with uncompromising moral values and distinguished creativity will meet the demand. Character change precedes social change. In the future, consumers discontented with one’s character will unapologetically distance themselves regardless of the excellence of the content or product offered.

9 The present is capturing imagination The future is imagination released

Your creativity needs capital to unleash its capacity. In the future we will see a swarm of diverse communities coming together to invest in order to uncapped wells of great ideas from financial captivity and see them turn into global ideals that brings generational liberty to God inspired imaginative content creations.

10 The present is Goliath brands The future is innovative Davids

There is an ant in every giant, and rising up to the challenge of a rival lies in observing the little things that often goes unnoticed and economizing on the opportunities they afford. Goliath brands like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft are considered by most “too big to fail” but many miss the fact that Goliath had giantism—excessive growth and height due to overproduction of growth hormone that placed him out of harmony with nature. While ‘big’ has become the norm, it doesn’t mean it is normal. Therefore, to bring back much needed balance to the market place we will see a release of small brands with sharp axes taking down big trees.

11 The present is “Me too” the future is “I AM”

A wise soul observed that “I am” are two very powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality.” “Me too” is not a replacement for “I am “ rather “I am,” even as I show empathy for your struggle and add my voice to mitigate the war against our common humanity. You don’t need to lose yourself to loose change.

12 The present is lust shallow the future is love deep

Our current obsession with hallowing shallow feelings have created a void devoid of loves’ true depth. However as artificial intelligence continues to rapidly replace the authentic with the synthetic making the soul of society more deeply fake and flaky, humanity will release a war cry for a love that shallow lusts have never tasted or touch. This cry will break our cosmetic surfaces and fish for the treasures hidden in our depths, then we will know what it means to love deeply.

The people of the world
seeks a future without
connection to the past,
but the people of My
word seeks the future’s
unbroken bond with
the past. Beloved, a
future without a past
leads to a dead end,
but a future with its past
leads to life’s unending
Holy Spirit