Finding Fabry Ophthalmology PodcastA podcast is now available to assist medical practitioners to understand Fabry’s disease – arare genetic lysosomal disease that presents in a variety of ways, causing both morbidity and premature mortality. The rarity of Fabry’s disease means it often takes a long time to diagnose, presenting challenges for clinicians and patients alike. Sponsored by Amicus Therapeutics, this new podcast series currently includes five episodes; an introduction then podcasts on Fabry with a focus on each of ophthalmology, nephrology, cardiology and genetics. Dr Alex Ioannidis is the ophthalmologist who features in the episode Focus on Ophthalmology. In conversation with Dr Simon McErlane, Medical Director at Amicus Therapeutics, Dr Ioannidis provides expert tips that may help you more easily diagnose patients with Fabry’s in your practice. Access the series introduction at: /download/744417754/30c 9121362. Access Finding Fabry -Focus on Ophthalmology at https:// download/744417397/2b21 65fe4c.