Leap forward in Latin America

The digital ecosystem continues to seize opportunities and maintain connections between businesses and potential consumers on a global scale

The increase in online financial solutions appears on the scene as a determining factor in driving the exponential growth of those companies that operate or are planning to operate in a cross-border model within Latin America, without online transactions being limited by physical borders.


The success and scalability of an online business are a result of the ability to serve a global audience successfully. By targeting clients located in different geolocations, this growth poses a challenge that involves multiple factors to take into account, such as logistics, security measures, regulations and, above all, changes in consumer expectations.

In this context, the payment structure which a cross-border model integrated into an e-commerce must be flexible and robust enough to adapt to the different needs of its buyers, without presenting any friction that may slow down the expansion process.

For an international business to reach its most competitive point and offer customers optimal shopping experiences, it will need a suitable payment processor that can be integrated into any online business model, providing access to a wide range of payment methods for each region, considering how their service scales along with their technological capabilities.


Technology plays a fundamental role optimising all types of commerce with online operations, integrating the appropriate technology for each business model and optimising your goals can help you not only attract clients from all over the world, but also keep them happy by providing the best possible payment experiences. Payment processors with this state-of-the-art technology are well positioned in the cross-border payments ecosystem as it enables merchants to offer a robust and straightforward solution, by accepting the payment methods preferred by local customers, from anywhere in the world. Such is the case of PayRetailers, which, by combining its European mindset with its evident expertise in Latin American markets, facilitates the localised routing of transactions on a global scale.

Instead of connecting with a single acquirer, the European paytech rigorously covers all the factors necessary to identify the most efficient route for each transaction, taking into account: all available banks, geographical location, currency, risk assessment, devices and the configuration of rules in real time to track results and adapt possible scenarios that optimise the approval of the payment according to the client’s needs.


Online transactions transcend physical boundaries, and one of the key critical enablers for any business model to maximise its coverage by accepting payments both regionally and globally is creating a strategic relationship with an expert payment service provider who knows how to harness the power of local payments. This is undoubtedly an exclusive requirement when a business seeks to scale its operations globally.

Integrated with a strong network of payment providers in emerging markets in Latin America, PayRetailers' all-in-one solution provides immediate access to the most popular payment methods for each country in the region, such as PIX in Brazil, OXXO in Mexico, Webpay in Chile and Efecty in Colombia, to ensure that international merchants in industries such as e-commerce, retail, travel, financial services, e-learning and gaming achieve the highest conversion and acceptance rates, as well as the highest efficiency regarding their transactions.
By selecting a payment partner with local knowledge and expertise, that can control the flows of payments, provide agile tools and the necessary service, contributes to the smooth international growth in each market
It should be noted that the support of PayRetailers goes beyond the integration of these payment methods. In addition, its all-in-one solution provides merchants with a completely localised payment strategy adapted to the needs of the customers, to each business model and objectives, controlling payment flows in a way that not only improves the experience of consumer purchases, but also has a positive impact on company conversions.


One of the main factors to consider is the need to address the challenges of global expansion in Latin America and facilitate international businesses to enter into operations in the region successfully. By selecting a payment partner with local knowledge and expertise, that can control the flows of payments, provide agile tools and the necessary service, contributes to the smooth international growth in each market.

Considering that each payment method has a regional basis, as well as its own separate integration process, choosing a payment partner that spans multiple payment providers is invaluable to a successful expansion strategy. The focus of the merchant is simply set to discover the location to expand and the payment methods that will accept for the sale of their products online.

Likewise, for international businesses, scaling appropriately means recognising and strategically dealing with different regulations, economic scenarios, cultures, consumption habits, suppliers and payment structures specific to each country.

PayRetailers’ team of experts specialises in understanding the challenges of expanding international merchants in Latin America, allowing them to offer the payment methods most demanded by their local clients. As a result, it supports their expansion and sustainability by positioning them in more than 12 markets in the region where the payment processor operates.

About PayRetailers

Founded in 2017, PayRetailers is a leading global provider of online payment services with Latin DNA. We offer e-commerce payment solutions for end-to-end cross-border transaction flow without the need of a local entity.

Through one direct API, one technology platform and one contract, we offer global merchants more than 250 local Latin American payment options.

With a flexible and highly scalable advanced proprietary technology architecture, we innovate rapidly in response to market demand for online businesses of all sizes.
PayRetailers is headquartered in Spain with regional offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Peru.
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