Glow getter

There’s a sparkling new beauty and skincare clinic in Stockton and it’s putting the ‘wow’ in Wow Fusion face treatments as the ‘North East Official Clinic’. Elysia Fryer goes in search of a glowing complexion
The lovely Emma - owner, beauty therapist and skincare practitioner at The Recharge Room - has been my ‘glow getter’ for some time now, working from her home near Stockton.

As her treatment list has grown, including the addition of the incredible WOW Fusion range, so has her business, opening up a stunning new HQ on Durham Road in Stockton-on-Tees.

The Recharge Room has a shiny new home within the Headkandy Stockton salon, and it’s where you’ll find Emma working her magic when it comes to the transformational facial we all need in our lives.

I’ve always been partial to a facial as a bit of a pamper treat during a spa day or retreat, but I’ve never been in a position where I’ve felt my skin crying out for a bit of TLC. Navigating motherhood and the postnatal curveballs that seem to be thrown at you on a regular basis, I decided - as I approached my return to work -I’d treat myself to a rejuvenating treatment that will help bring my skin back to its full potential - or at least start that journey. WOW Fusion is the latest innovation in skin rejuvenation, and it’s the need-to-know treatment of the moment.

Chatting to Emma about my skin concerns and what I’d like to achieve, the WOW Fusion and Dermaplane treatment was the perfect fit. A bespoke facial tailored to my skin’s wants and needs. And the best bit? Quick, transformational results that continue to improve in time. I’m sold.

WOW Fusion, as a brand, is all about educating clients on their skin health. Everybody’s skin is unique, so finding a trained therapist and spending a bit of a time with them for an initial consultation is a must. Emma and I chatted through my skin concerns, goals and realistic post-treatment aftercare in advance. WOW Fusion can be used to treat all kinds of skin concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles and rosacea, to enlarged pores, oily skin, pigmentation, acne scarring, stretchmarks and dehydrated skin. My main focus points were rehydrating tired skin, improving complexion and diminishing dark circles.

Following a consultation and ‘skincare vision’ exercise, I was invited to put my feet up, hand over my face and let the magic happen.

The 75-minute treatment starts with a glycolic cleanse to calm and prep the skin. An incredibly calming and refreshing introduction to the process, ensuring the face is ready to reap the WOW Fusion benefits. Thanks to its tiny molecules, glycolic acid helps to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin, increasing the effectiveness of any treatment that follows. Next up, it’s the skin sanitisation process - a form of extraction using Derma scrape technology. This is the first step in removing any dead cells and unwanted barriers stopping the skin from looking and feeling its best.

The next step is when you start to feel the magic working. Dermaplaning is the ultimate exfoliation, exposing younger, brighter skin by removing up to four weeks worth of loosened dead skin cells and pesky peach fuzz with a scalpel. It’s not an uncomfortable process, but you can feel the skin breath as it banishes the nasties, leaving the face looking and feeling ultra smooth and radiant.

You’re left with a fully refreshed complexion, ready to take on the world - or, indeed, a nourishing WOW Fusion skin cocktail. Emma then shakes up the all-important skin cocktail comprising good-for-you vitamins and minerals, ascorbic and amino acids to encourage intracellular activity, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin. What goes into the ‘skin saviour’ cocktail will depend on your initial consultation and what you’re trying to achieve. In my case, it’s all about brightening the skin and bringing it back to life with as much hydration as possible. This is where the fun starts. Time to drink that cocktail. My hyper-personalised serum, packed full of skin-loving ingredients, is pumped into the skin using the WOW Fusion machine. It’s small but it certainly packs a punch - amedical needling device with 20 ultrafine (0.6mm) needles that work to lightly stamp the skin, getting under the protective layer we often find impossible to break through. The tapered needles work to create micro channels in the skin, encouraging the serum to get straight to work.

If the word ‘needle’ sends a shiver down your spine, it’s not at all as scary as it sounds. You may feel a slightly uncomfortable ‘scratchy’ sensation as the device does its thing, but the results really are ‘WOW’ and it’s worth every minute. Emma is in full control of the machine, so can ensure it’s as comfortable as possible while still delivering the best results. You can really feel a shift in the skin following the use of the WOW Fusion device. The best way for me to explain it is when you’re working out and you instantly feel that good-for-you glow. And guess what? That feeling only gets better in time! Particularly when you’re rewarded with the nourishing WOW Fusion LED mask, left on for 10 minutes of pure relaxation, with a setting specifically chosen for your ‘skincare vision’. For me, to calm, soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Masks can be tailored to help in the treatment of acne, fine lines and rosacea, for example. As this feel-good facial comes to a close, I’m treated to a cold quartz roller massage and a calming and soothing recovering balm with SPF - the perfect, refreshing finisher to ensure the skin continues to ‘do its thing’ following the treatment. Emma reminds me that, for up to four weeks following my WOW Fusion facial, I’ll continue to see results as my skin gets its glow.

And she’s not wrong. This pre-holiday treatment meant that I was able to treat my skin to a much-needed break from makeup and the rush of everyday life; and I can honestly say that, as the days passed by, my complexion was as clear as day, my skin was brighter and there was a glow to my face that I haven’t seen since before pregnancy. The WOW Fusion facial is a hyperpersonalised skin solution that really does work. For me, it has had long-term benefits when it comes to skin rejuvenation and hydration, and it has boosted my confidence in a way I didn’t know my face could. Emma offers a range of WOW Fusion face treatments, so whatever your concerns, reach out and she will find the perfect solution for happy, hydrated skin. It’s time to join the skin revolution.

The ‘glow getter’ we’ve all been waiting for. WOW Fusion and Dermaplane - 75 mins, £140