WELCOMEIt is my pleasure to welcome you to another spectacular year for Warbirds in Review! On the cover is a preview of the beautiful aircraft that will be featured in the following pages and throughout the week of Warbirds in Review. The photo was taken by Uwe Glaser in Atlanta, Georgia when four P51s painted in the 357th Fighter Group colors, as flown by Col. C.E. “Bud” Anderson, were there to support the Atlanta Warbird Weekend. Wes Stowers leads the flight of Mustangs with me flying Jim Hagedorn’s “Old Crow”, Ray Fowler flying Jack Roush’s “Gentleman Jim”, and Robert Dickson, Jr. rounding out the four ship in “Swamp Fox”. In these pages you will learn details of our great line up of Veterans and Aircraft. Warbird Alley will be filled with exciting displays recognizing several anniversaries, starting the week with the T-34s and T-28s as part of the 70th Anniversary celebration planned by those owners and pilots. Finishing off the week will be a ramp full of C-47’s that made the trip to Normandy in 2019 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Normandy invasion known as “D Day”. You will not want to miss these presentations. Hard to believe that what began with a simple idea, with a boom box and roll around stairs, to offer a time when people could come to hear an owner talk about their aircraft has become a truly world class program. With David Hartman as the writer and moderator, the award winning production crew of Sleeping Dog Productions, the support of Jim Hagedorn, Scotts Miracle Gro Company, Warbird members Ron and Diane Fagen, Fagen Fighters World War II Museum, numerous other donors and the total support of aircraft owners, pilot and ground crew members, we have grown to a level exceeding all expectations. The Live Streaming of Warbirds in Review in 2018 was viewed in 120 countries. For me personally it is overwhelming to know that we have entertained and shared our history with the world. With the Jumbotron, bleachers, sound systems, worldwide Live Streaming and the participation of so many terrific Warbird members, the evolution is amazing. Could we present this in a much simpler format and at much less expense; Yes, but for now we are afforded the opportunity to be the best that we can be. Your contributions help us pursue the goal to preserve and recognize history and record for future® generations, presenting programs that you will enjoy. I hope you will enjoy this year’s lineup. Thank you to the volunteers who make this happen. Line crew, VIP escorts, Living History, Theresa Eaman, production assistants, photographers, sound, owners, pilots, moderators. Thanks to the EAA Warbirds of America staff and Warbird Directors who have offered their unwavering support of this vision. A special thanks to “the wind beneath my wings”.Connie Bowlin President, EAA Warbirds of America