So... You THINK you know your RUM?CLUB CARIBE GOLD by James Outman It's time for the rum review. My apologies to all since this review almost didn't happen when we sailed to Tybee Island and got lost at sea. We did finally find Puerto Rico where I picked up this nightclub favorite. Club Caribe Gold Rum. Produced and aged for a year in the mountains of that Caribbean paradise in unspecified oak. Both the white and aged are sold in bulk to Florida Distillers to be flavored, bo led, and distributed in the United States. 80 proof and sold in the 750 ml bo les from 10 to 13 dollars. Enjoyed in both cocktails and over ice, not so great neat and warm but still sip-able with caution. The color is very pale yellow with platinum highlights. e medium sized legs form rather slowly and dri together forming a larger leg before finally finding their way back to the remaining spirit. Caramel and bu ery nose. Nu y and sweet like almond bri le aromas but light and airy. e entry is warm and tingly from front to throat, sweet and peppery like pepper corns but not too spicy. ere are notes of vanilla and ginger in the mid pale e and almond bu er in the finale. A good candidate for hot bu ered rum, sweet daiquiris and a rum swizzler. Tonight, I'm drinking it over ice and with the 1893 original cola from Pepsicola.Another review is due on the morrow eve so keep yer eyes on the horizon for the sails of rum runners. Till then may the powers that be keep all safe, alert, and alive. Drink responsibly mates and lasses. Until tomorrow, down the hatch.