Schoooner RevengeA table of the Schooner Revengeby Dapt Skar of the Hirate store WWW.pirate4.lifeA pirate’s journey and a young boy’s dream of bein’ the Captain of a Pirate Ship... Thinkin’ of swashbuckling the seven seas... pillagin’, plunderin’, drinkin’, and searchin’ the seas fer a prize to capture. RAISE THE BLACK!! No Quarter, No Mercy!! A brigantine lled with treasures of gold doubloons and sparkling stones!! I may have watched Treasure Island too many a time!!! HAR HAR... but I think ALL of us have dreamt that dream... one day maybe!!Be it a Pirate’s luck or just destiny playin’ its cards... alas one day I did indeed fall upon an opportunity to own such a ship!! She was a beautiful 62 ft. wooden schooner built at the Concordia Shipyards in Maine... sitting in Charleston, South Carolina. She has been a charter boat fer most of her life, doing trips out of Shem Creek. As I went to survey her, she immediately captured the very heart of me... deep in the blackness of my soul, a re stirred. Sparking a rejuvenation of spirit and purpose!! This be the ship I had dreamed of as a child, and her restoration was my mission!! The Revenge was a sturdy and weathered ship and had all the makings of a ne Pirate Ship. Stem to stern this ne vessel with a bluff bow and beautiful lines was awaiting renewal, from her northern pine planking to her hard oak ribs. So after much ado, and another raiding party trying to acquire her, I made an accord with her former owner... and she was mine. The other raiding party happened to be Capt. Kraven Moregrog and his krewe of bloodthirsty pirates!! BUT that is another story in and of itself... which he and I will tell!! The rst act of ownership was to rename her. The ship was commissioned as The Welcome, but as the new owner and Pirate Capt. I thought THE REVENGE was a more be tting name!! And thus the many adventures have begun as the blue skies on my horizon await... each with a new story... Capt. Skar