PUBS OF THE PIRATE NATIONWe need your help. We need Pirates around the world to send in their recommendations (with contact information) of the PUBS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, and HOTELS that are your GO-TO places near your favorite Renaissance Faire or Pirate Festival... you know... the places where you congregate after the closing cannon. Think PIRATE-FRIENDLY.In Scallywags We Trust“Pubs of the Pirate Nation” is a linked listing of participating Bars, Pubs and Restaurants around the country who have AGREED to a very simple Pirate Accord in advance. That when presented with a special Pubs of the Pirate Nation CHALLENGE COIN, these “Pirate Friendly ” establishments will grant the COIN Holder a 10% discount on their entire ticket. (excluding alcohol) That if their establishment serves alcohol… First Drink Order will be “Two for One” for the CHALLENGE COIN Holder. In Scallywags We Trust What can you do to advance the greater good of discounted drinks and food for Pirates from Coast to Coast? It's as simple as ONE, TWO, THREE... 1 ONE...As a PIRATE, You will want to approach your favorite local Pub, particularly if they have ever hosted an event for you or if you and your crewmates have ever been there in GARB…the Pub Owner may consider your approach as a compliment. He or she will understand that you obviously enjoy their place, and want to share it with your Pirate mates from around the country. 2 TWO...Pubs that agree to the 10% Discount AND the two-for-one Drink will recieve a FREE listing in exchange for honoring the above Accord.So go out and approach your local PUB and see if they have an interest in being listed as a Pub of the Pirate Nation. You don't have to sell anything... ...just ask the pub owner if they want a Free ONLINE Listing with other Pirate Friendly Pubs around the world.3 THREE...We will discuss additional services when we call the bar owner to con rm their listing. Submit this information: Name of the Establishment, Owner or Contact Person, web site address and phone number and MOST IMPORTANT, a good email address for the Contact Person. Email to: AddMyPub@Pubso We will handle everything from there. Pirates ARRRR everywhere ya look. Pirates, Pirates everywhere… But when Pirates are out and about in a new town for a festival or event…they need to know quickly where a “Pirate Friendly” establishment is that they can count on for both food and drinks that won’t cost them a hook and a peg leg. Most of the time, they are traveling with friends and mates. If YOU are a PUB OWNER, you would want them to come to YOUR pub…Pirates are GREAT business and good tippers. Pirates congregate where they are welcomed and appreciated. We are some of the most FUN loving and gregarious people you will ever meet, and we tend to spend a large proportion of our budget on entertainment each month. (budget?? what budget!! we still have a few coin le !!) Pirates like to eat, drink, and hang out with their mates...sometimes in FULL GARB if welcomed. Most patrons nd us colorful and FUN… so they stay longer, and drink more… which is again VERY GOOD for the PUB OWNER’s business. THINK ABOUT the local Pirates in YOUR town, odds are there are MANY more than just you…maybe even a formal crew. No ma er where you are, you enjoy nding a “Pirate Friendly” place that you and your friends can become REGULARS and feel comfortable meeting the rest of the crew out for a spontaneous drink or two or three. Some of the establishments are VERY PIRATE FRIENDLY and wanted a CUSTOM SOLUTION… to compete with the other pubs and a ract more Pirates. If they CHOOSE to enhance their listing, they pay an annual fee for a special linked landing page that describes the bar, the menu, the hours, the special happy hours or drink specials and any special days of the week. It’s THAT simple.