The Gentleman Pirate
by Christina Carr a.k.a. Charity Ann Rackham
I began my days, in the courts Structure and control, my only resort I wore the clothing they told me to wear I held a status none could compare
Then you, dear uncle, destroyed my life Took away my strength, status and rights My parents gone I had only you And I truly thought you'd see me through
I gave you love, as much as I could In trade you'd support me, like you should But no, it was never meant to be at loved noble inside of me
You tried to kill me and beat me down You made sure I would not be around And just as you thought you had won Your back was turned, your deeds undone
Your problem is, oh blood of mine You thought you'd won but given much time You let me breathe by dismissing me I hated it but you set me free
Your con dence, your smug power Your thoughts of success, feeding the hours You thought I could never survive Bugs you placed in the fellows inside
Years separated from courts and love From images of lions and turtle doves e structure removed in pain and hurt ere were days I thought nothing worse
Then they came, pirates so bold Limping away from silver and gold ey had lost their ght yet once again To my prison island, without a win
They took me in, oh blood of mine I shared my knowledge and in time ey found in me a captain not shown ey found in me a way to grow
I know your ships, your paths and law I know from inside, your structure, your claws I know where you will strike and all your friends Will eventually turn on you, in the end
But now I sit, looking over the bow e time you have spent was not spent well You have wasted away on bi er thoughts In the courts, thinking 'win,' ignoring loss
I miss my language, I miss my food I miss my structure, my well breed fools I miss my support, my clothes and class But being Captain some of that will last
I will keep my voice, though they don't understand I will ght for support, from each and every man. I will work in a democracy, supportive, it's true I will ght against the real tyrants like you
I will use my power to ght against man Yet stand beside those who can Live a real life, but I must confess I do miss the clothing, the courts, the rest
I can never return, to that 'blessed' life A time where I was convinced all was right. I can never go back, I now know the ght. I can never return or loose sight
It is so different, frustrating and tough But, dear society, I have had enough My tune has changed, a gentleman I will be And through this crew I have found the real me
A lady I once was, blue blood and pure Now I question if I was ever sure A Countess of the courts, I thought I'd always be Now a gentleman pirate stands in front of thee.
May our paths cross in ideal light And faith never lead us astray May our ships pass peacefu y in the night. I say nothing of the day.
God's servant and righteous soul Countess Dame Admiral Captain, Charity Ann Rackham