PIRATE WEDDINGSWhen You Are Ready To Say... “Aye Do” by Captain Skar (Sco Erklens), Greybeard (Kevin Briscoe), and Kraven Moregrog (Douglas Kosarek) Hello Mates, it's Capt. Skar of the Pirate Store. It seems today that themed weddings are all the rage !! Whether it be Victorian, Steampunk, Knights and Ladies or Pirates. It's always fun to have something out of the norm that's going to set your wedding apart from everyone else's. Ge ing to play dress up and romance yourself back into another era while you're ge ing married just seems to be a magical way to start off a wonderful life together. e gallantry and pageantry of it all... walking under the swords or kissing on the bowsprit of a Galleon.. or tossing the bouquet into a group of lovely ladies in ball gowns!!But what sets a pirate wedding apart from the rest?? Is it the popularity ? Is it the swashbuckling? Pillaging? Plundering? e ability of a pirate crowd to really throw one hell of a pirate party ? I believe it's all of these above.... But what really separates most of us pirates from themed weddings is that we are not just pirates for a day... the people ge ing married have been doing pirating for years and have been reenactors most of their lives. For the most part anyway... We get the best of both worlds by having a themed wedding but enjoying what we love to do the most with all of our friends and our newly betrothed!! Almost an extension of who we are.... and celebrating our pirate personas and our pirate krewes together as the couple becomes one. As I just witnessed myself at my good friend Finn and Amity's wedding in St John's Pass on the bow of the Pirate ship Royal Conquest... Both long time Leviathan members... it was officiated by THEE Captain of thee Leviathan himself !!! Captain Kraven Moregrog... and he made it a MOST memorable wedding in only the way that he can!! The crowd was roaring by the finish and the kiss a most memorable one... as hats flew !!!! HUZZAH !! HUZZAH !! HUZZAH !! A grand time was had by all and more laughter and merriment than I had ever seen at a wedding in my day. A Pirate’s wedding is sure to be that of a fun-filled, rum fueled band of pirates celebrating till dawn... and this one lived up to all expectations!! ~ Capt. Skar Hello Beardos… Greybeard or should I say Reverend Greybeard here. It’s June, the month many choose to get married and we are celebrating those unions. About 10 years ago I got ordained, as any good Captain should be able to conduct weddings, and I have performed over 30 pirate themed weddings in those years. I have created a great script that seems to sum up these piratical nuptials and it's been an amazing experience. I have incorporated the jumping of swords into most of my ceremonies to take the place if jumping the broom. is symbolizes the cu ing of past ties and jumping into the future as one crew. I also have a small prayer I do a er each wedding. It goes like this. “ Whatever your race is Or your color or Creed Whatever your faith is It's the same color we bleed So may grace be your harbor And pride your true north Let faith be your anchor And make love your home port These words are even more poignant in today's times and a mo o we should all live by. Until our ships meet again…Be Honorable ~ Reverend Greybeard I have always said, that “once you set your inner pirate free… and begin to LIVE this lifestyle… that it can be like toothpaste. In other words, once you let that pirate out of the tube, it's nearly impossible to put it back in.” is is perfectly illustrated when two pirates cross wakes and their charted life course becomes intermingled and entwined…WHEN THEY DECIDE TO SAY 'I DO”, it o en becomes “Aye Do”. When two people who love each other are brave enough to say to the world, “Forget about tradition… we are gonna have a Pirate Wedding !!” they deserve to have a personal ceremony created just for them. In each of the Weddings I have been asked to perform, I have wri en a set of vows specifically incorporating aspects of the Bride and Groom's relationship with each other and with me. ey asked ME to perform the wedding for a reason…maybe because I'm cheap, but I think it's REALLY because they want THE REST OF THEIR WORLD (parents, relatives, children, friends) to experience just a li le slice of the Pirate Universe that has become such an important part of their lives. Quite candidly, that can be a daunting task… and a li le intimidating… even for a massive bearded grizzled ole Pirate Captain. When you stand before the people assembled to witness and bless this union, the people gathered here today have certain expectations TOO. To pull off a real win-win-win ceremony the BRIDE has to be happy, MOM(s) have to be content, Dad(s) have to be proud and the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews and Nieces must not be offended while being slightly entertained and still MOVED by the ceremony itself. Big Bonus if you make a few eyes well up with tears before they say, “Aye Do” then finally announcing “ You may NOW, kiss the Bride” to the roar of HUZZAH from the rowdy invited pirates in the crowd. Whether it's a formal affair in a church, an outdoor ceremony under a trellis in a vineyard, an October witches and warlocks Halloween themed hand-fasting or a spirited adventure on the BOW of a Ship doused in salt spray by gusting winds…each celebration of the LOVE between two pirates is special and I treasure being asked to be a part of their memorable day. ~ Captain Kraven Moregrog So, should you be thinking about a pirate nuptial... and it is obvious that combined we've been witness to many… start planning and inviting as early as you can. Inform your family that it is going to be a FUN, Family Friendly PIRATE affair to give them time to accept it. Tell them that you have an ordained minister to perform the ceremony (that usually puts them at ease). Pick your location carefully and then launch into it with the same fun spirit that you want the day to reflect. Captain Skar puts in his vote that St Augustine, FL is a perfect place to have a pirate wedding !! Whether it be on Bow of the replica Spanish El'Galleon... the Black Raven Pirate Cruise !! or on the grounds of the historic 1672 Castillo de San Marcos which is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States overlooking the bridge of lions and the ocean... It's a pirate's choice to plunder! and of course Capt. Skar and e Pirate Store are close by to personally help out with any and every aspect of outfi ing a wedding party with a courteous and professional staff helping with your every need... wink, wink. But wherever you choose to have your Pirate Wedding, be surrounded by the people you want to share that day with most. We all wish you the best of love, happiness and PLUNDA !!!!!