Part 2“Attack on Portobello” by Bill Sudbery a.k.a. the Pirate William Morgan We loaded over 500 men in canoes and traveled along the coast. For 4 days we paddled quietly toward our landin' point. I had hit a growth spurt and me legs were long and gangly. 4 days in a canoe will test the measure of the toughest sailor. Especially a long-legged youth as meself. Cramps would set in and cause me to have to change position without kicking one of me mates or making undo noise. ''Twas difficult at best, but, I managed. We moved past the fortress o' San Lorenzo in the middle o' the night. We had one escort ship with us, further out to sea. e Spanish spied her, but, brought no alarm. Guess they figured one ship wasn't nuff to worry with. Me Uncle, the Captain, leaned over and talked into me ear. “ is be here first raid. Yer gonna be on yer own as a fighter. I've taught ya all ya needs to know.” He then put his hand on me shoulder. “Fight brave, fight well.” He gave me shoulder a comforting squeeze. “Remember the things I taught you, observe your surroundings. When ya make contact with the enemy, watch the eyes. Lastly fight to kill.” He leaned in a bit closer, “I don't wanna be tellin' yer Mum and your Aunt Elizabeth that I had to leave yer dead body in this place. Several o' our prisoners had to be persuaded to tell us where additional treasure might be hidden. I was with a group o' buccaneers who were helpin’ doin' the persuadin'.I quietly nodded me head. I knew that I had been taught well. Even at me young age, I was probably be er in fightin' knowledge that many men older than me. On the evening of July 10, our canoes made shore. As we made our way to the fort at Orange Island, we were met by a small group o' Spanish Soldiers. Rather than fight, they ran back toward the fort to sound alarm. We captured one soldier. He was skinny and weak. In no condition to resist. We tied his wrists and persuaded him to lead us to the city. As the sun were about to come up we reached the Fort o' Santiago. Our prisoner told us that the soldiers were in no condition to put up a fight. We rushed the fort. I ran through the brush with a pistol in one hand and me cutlass in the other, yellin' as loud as I could. Just as I were taught to do. One of me mates stumbled and fell in front o' me. I just jumped over him and kept runnin'. I heard the blast of a cannon from the fort. e ball sailed far above us. It were the only shot that they fired. Once inside, the fight were short and fast. e Spanish really weren't prepared for a big fight. A bit, disappointed, I made it through Santiago without as much as a skirmish. We reorganized our men and were off to San Geronimo Castle. Again the fight was over pre y fast. We freed some Englishmen who had been captured and used as slaves. Many of the Spanish soldiers gave up before the fight and begged for quarter. ey were tied and put in the church. Once San Geronimo was secured, the Captain sent sharpshooters back to Fort Santiago. ey was instructed to guard our position. Some of our prisoners included the Mayor, some friars and nuns. We moved our a ack to San Felipe Castle. A cannon blast killed 2 o' the friars and a couple of our men. By midmorning and another short fight we had control. e man who were in charge o' the cannons, begged us to kill him out o' disgrace. I was ordered to do so. I shot him in the head and gave him his wish. We ran up the English flag as a sign to our ships to move in. We totally looted the town. Taking rum and treasure. e treasure was brought to the center o' town to be divided amongst our men. A nice load o' treasure to be sure. I grabbed a rum bo le for meself and began swiggin' it down. en it occurred to me that the day were July 11. My Birthday. So, I took another big swig as a toast to meself.Several o' our prisoners had to be persuaded to tell us where additional treasure might be hidden. I was with a group o' buccaneers who were helpin’ doin' the persuadin'. None o' what we did was for the weak. We ravaged and tortured in the most painful ways imaginable. We cut off arms, legs, privates and even dug out one man's eyes with a dirk. One city officer had a beautiful young daughter. To make him talk we told him that we were going to use her for our pleasure. I being the youngest o' the group was given the opportunity to have first go. is were overly exciting to me because I had never, yet, been with a woman in that manner. She was young. Bout 12 or 13. Beautiful as any you will ever see. Long black hair and skin as so as any that I ever felt, as I ran my fingers along her cheek. To my disappointment, the man started talkin' tellin' us all that we needed to know and then some, while beggin' for us not to take his daughter's virtue. Here I was at full ready with her legs over me shoulders and he starts talkin' like a trained parrot givin' us all kinds o' information. I released her legs from me shoulders, holdin' her by her thighs, realizin' what I had just missed out on. Once the man had told us all that we needed to know, like true gentlemen that we were, I was given the go ahead and we took her anyway. Once I was done, satisfied with rum and my first sexual conquest, I staggered across the room, out the door and passed out. Once that the Governor o' Panamá heard about us takin' the forts, he got pre y mad. He sent a large group o' Spanish soldiers to move us out. But, our sharpshooters changed their minds quickly. Unable to break our defenses, it were clear that we had full control o' Portobello. Me Uncle sent word to the Governor that we was holdin' the city and demanded 350,000 pesos. e Governor said no. e Captain told him that we would burn the city and take the rest of the prisoners as slaves if he didn't pay. Again the Governor said no. A er much bickerin' to and from, the Governor sent us 100,000 pesos in silver bars and gold on August 27. We released the rest o' the prisoners and set sail for home. It was one o' the richest bounties ever taken in history. HUZZAH !