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Born: March 25, 1976
Birth Place: Kazakhstan
Nationality: Ukrainian
Nickname: Dr. Steelhammer
Division: Heavyweight (200lbs+)
Height: 6’ 6” / 198cm
Reach: 81” / 206cm


• PhD Sports Science
• 1996 Olympic Gold Medallist
• 5th Longest Reigning Heavyweight Champion of All Time
• 3rd Most Consecutive Title Defenses
• WBA / WBO / IBF / IBO / The Ring World Heavyweight Champion


• Jab - Powerful, Quick and Accurate
• Defensive Mindset
Aside from his height and reach advantage over the majority of his opponents, Wladimir Klitschko has one of the best jabs in boxing. It’s powerful, quick and accurate which often stuns his opponents and keeps them at a safe distance.
Wladimir also utilizes his height advantage very well by leaning back when punches are coming towards him. His defensive mindset befuddles and frustrates his opponents, and it’s led him to so many dominant victories.


Wladimir Klitschko had a decorated amateur career. He has 134 fights and only 6 losses. This experience gave him much practice in sharpening his tools of the trade. However, the amateur scene is drastically different to the professional game.
Wladimir suffered losses in the professional ranks all by stoppage and by huge underdogs. These losses made him realise that he needed to improve on his defense and through legendary trainer Emmanuel Steward, he has become a better fighter.
• Shadowboxing In Swimming Pool - Water provides resistance and Wladimir utilizes this method for his quick and powerful punches. This is a contrast from his amateur days when he never use to swim.
• Punching Tree Leafs – It may sound unusual, but it’s an effective method that has proven to be successful. Tree leafs provide numerous targets at various angles, which is why Wladimir rarely wastes his punches due to his accuracy.
Because of his accuracy and power behind his shots, Wladimir’s opponents are usually very weary of getting within range. He has a very powerful straight right hand which is set up by his stiff jabs. It’s the classic one-two combination in boxing and Wladimir perfects it. This has enabled him to have long winning streaks and continuous reign at the top of the heavyweight division.