Born: 29 August 1983
Birth Place: Cathedral City, California, USA
Nationality: American
Nickname: Desert Storm
Division: Light Welterweight (140lbs) -Welterweight (147lbs)
Height: 5’ 6” / 168 cm
Reach: 69″ / 175 cm


• Junior Golden Gloves Champion
• Two Time Amateur National Champion
• 2005-2006 WBC Youth World Welterweight Title
• 2006-2007 WBC Youth World Light Welterweight Title
• Three Time World Champion in Two Weight Divisions


• Mental Toughness
• Smart Pressure Fighter
Timothy Bradley elevated himself to the top of the Light Welterweight division by having the mental toughness that pushed him through the toughest fights.
Bradley can box or brawl and would often opt to combine both to apply pressure in an intelligent way. For this reason, many of his opponents cannot handle the rough and gruelling experience that Bradley turns a fight into.


At the age of 10, Timothy Bradley began his boxing journey by competing in 140 amateur bouts, in which he accomplished a number of championship titles. In his professional career, Bradley picked up a world title by beating England’s Junior Witter on his home turf.
Since then, he defended his title several times and unified the belts by defeating Kendall Holt and Devon Alexander. Bradley’s successful run gave him credit of being the best in the 140lbs decision.
But his most high profile and toughest win was against all-time great Manny Pacquiao, in which he won by controversial decision. Bradley stood up to Pacquiao’s power punches and pressure by being in superb condition, as always.
• Body cleansing is important for Bradley, so before any serious training, he fasts for 5 days to dipose of all the toxins.
• During training camp, Bradley adopts a strict vegan diet after being advised to do so in 2008. This has resulted in giving him more energy and endurance. Due to his diet, he said “My thoughts are clear, crisp. Everything is working perfectly -Ifeel clean.”
• The emphasis on strength is high, as highlighted by Bradley’s body structure. Exercises such as pushing huge tractor tyres and general weight lifting.
• Push ups by using his chin (opening and closing the mouth) strengthens his neck and jaw, which enhances the ability to absorb a punch.
Bradley’s father embedded the importance of a hard work ethic, dedication and the ‘never give up’ mentality in Bradley’s mind from such a young age. It’s now the very essence in which he lives his life by, in and out of the ring.