Born: 29 October 1980
Birth Place: Caguas, Puerto Rico
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Nickname: El Angel
Division: Light Welterweight (140lbs) -Light Middleweight (154lbs)
Height: 5’ 7” / 170 cm
Reach: 67″ / 170 cm


• Four Time World Champion in Three Weight Divisions


• Left Hook to the Body
Mental Toughness
The Puerto Rican people’s champ, Miguel Cotto has one of the best left hooks to the body in boxing, which is his most famed punch throughout the course of his entire career.
Cotto has a history of breaking down his opponents with his vicious body shots. Aside from dishing out punishment, Cotto has also been on the receiving end of severe beatings. However, his mental toughness can never be questioned as he has always given it his all in every fight.


Miguel Cotto is well-known for his feud with Mexican warrior Antonio Margarito, who handed Cotto’s his first loss. The whole controversy with Margarito’s hand wraps that ensued soon after led many to believe that Cotto lost the fight unfairly.
Although it can never be proven without a confession, Cotto got his redemption where he beat Margarito into retirement in their second fight. He also put up a gallant effort in his losses to pound-for-pound legends Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Cotto is an honest fighter who has the utmost professionalism inside and outside the ring, especially when it comes down to training.
• When Cotto teamed up with famed trainer Emmanuel Steward, Salsa dancing was introduced to the camp to improve agility, rhythm and movement.
Having changed trainers three times, he has settled on Pedro Diaz, who led the highly successful Cuban national boxing team. They have a great chemistry and has done well together since teaming up.
Cotto has achieved a tremendous amount and is one of the most popular and fanfriendly fighters in boxing. His professionalism is evident as he trains just as hard as he fights.
The change of trainers was a good idea because instead of burning himself out by training six days a week, he now trains four days a week but focuses on more intense sessions.
Throughout Cotto’s career, he has matured into a fighter who has learned to enjoy every part of boxing, including the toughest aspects which has given him an amazing determination to win and the grit needed to go to war if necessary.