Born: 28 October 1982
Birth Place: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Nationality: Haitian / Canadian
Division: Light Middleweight (154lbs) -Light Heavyweight (175lbs)
Height: 5’ 11” / 180 cm
Reach: 72″ / 182 cm


• 2001-2003 Boxer of the Year in Canada
• Gold medallist at the 2002 Commonwealth Games
• Light Heavyweight World Champion


• Power in Both Hands
• Fast Hands
Jean Pascal combines speed and power to take his opponents out. His many flaws including stamina issues and lack of basic fundamentals means that he often relies on his best assets. Pascal’s wild swings and unpredictability is only more reason for his opponents to be more careful, as these are the same flaws that cause problems for other fighters.


The Haitian born fighter Jean Pascal fights out of his adopted home of Canada where he’s a star because of his entertaining style and accomplishments.
Throughout his career, Pascal has fought the toughest competition and has only lost to the best. His most high profile fights was with the legendary Bernard Hopkins where he retained his world title in a draw in their first fight and lost the second on points.
Pascal always comes in top physical condition for his fights and he has superb athletic ability.
• Closes his eyes, pointing upwards with his hands together while spinning around for 30 seconds, then attempting to walk in a straight line. This helps him with balance and conditioning for when he gets dazed by a punch.
• Pascal has been a gym rat for his entire boxing career and often splits his training sessions into three periods of morning, afternoon and evening.
Jean Pascal’s idol is the legendary fighter Roy Jones Jr. who achieved phenomenal success in boxing, and like Pascal, he was also known to be extremely dedicated to their profession. In Pascal’s viewpoint, he says:
“ I've always put boxing before everything else in my life. Before family, before friends, before dating. It's a life choice I made and it is not hard at all. People are wrong when they say that I make sacrifices for my career. I don't make sacrifices…A life choice is conscious. I know that if I sleep well, if I eat well, if I live a clean life and if I'm training as best as I can, I will have more chances to win and to achieve my goals. 
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