Born: 13 July 1980
Birth Place: London, England
Nationality: British
Nickname: Hayemaker
Division: Cruiserweight (200lbs) -Heavyweight (200lbs+)
Height: 6’ 3” / 191cm Reach: 80″ / 203cm


• 2001 World Amateur Boxing Championships Silver Medallist
• Unified World Cruiserweight Champion
• WBA Heavyweight Champion


• Power in Both Hands
• Very Fast Hands
As proven by his record, David Haye has extreme power and is pound-for-pound one of the hardest hitters in boxing. He can produce a knock out with any one punch at any time during a fight. His overhand right (hayemaker) is his most devastating shot which has either badly stunned or taken out many of his opponents.
The speed of Haye’s punches is also a problem for his opponents, as they are often caught off guard. Haye is not a combination puncher, which means that he usually only throws one or two punches at a time, but they are fast, powerful and accurate.


David Haye likes to fight on the back foot to draw his opponents onto his powerful shots. He doesn’t have a high punch output and is very selective with his punches. This is not only due to his style, but also because of his stamina issues, which has caused him problems in the past.
In only his 11thpro fight, he faced former world champion Carl Thompson. Haye started fast and almost got rid of Thompson with a constant barrage of punches in the first few rounds. However, as the fight wore on, Haye began to tire and was knocked down with a right hand in the 5 thround. Visibly fatigued, this prompted Haye’s corner to throw in the towel.
It was his first loss and many wrote him off. Since then, Haye has proven himself by unifying all the major world titles at Cruiserweight and has won a title at Heavyweight. Stamina is still an issue for Haye, but his speed, power and movement manages to dispatch opponents whose only hope is to pressure and tire him out.
• Haye switches his training camps between the hot climates of Cyprus and Miami, where he gets a real test by sparring against Cubans, who are known for their high quality boxing skills.
• As quoted by the man himself - “I eat 24 egg whites every day, raw, which contain no fat, just protein. I stick them in a glass and swallow them whole, six at a time. I also have four tins of sardines a day.”
• Clap Push Ups -Haye does 3 sets of 20 reps, and would also do as many as he can in under a minute. “With a clap press-up you generate a sudden burst of force to get yourself up and away from the floor and clap the hands. It mimics the punch action. Good for power endurance.”
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