WELCOME ABOARD, JOANNE AND GAYNOR!HERE AT PCH, WE’RE EXCiTED TO WELCOME TWO NEW MEMBERS OF THE CUSTOMER FOCUS COMMiTTEE (CFC) The committee was created to give residents a voice and guide PCH into making the best possible choices for residents. Here, they tell us why getting involved is so important to them, and what they both hope to bring to their new roles. JOANNE BOWDEN For years I worked in the construction trade during the 1980’s and 90’s, when it was difficult for a woman to progress in such a male dominated environment. After my construction career, I then went for a drastic change and followed an interest I had for years. . . Idecided to study ancient history at university. Sadly, I didn’t manage to complete my degree course as my partner became unwell and I became their full-time carer. WHAT WiLL YOU BRiNG TO THE ROLE? I want to make sure residents have a voice, a friendly face in the form of a fellow resident who can communicate with PCH on their behalf. I have been involved in lots of PCH groups and committees, such as the Spend and Save group, mystery shopping, Resident Scrutiny and Learn For Free courses. GAYNOR SOUTHERTON Originally from Liverpool, I have lived in the southwest for over 40 years, my two daughters were born here. I became a PCH tenant in 2012 when I moved into a Sheltered Housing Scheme. I was encouraged by a neighbour to get more involved and have, over the years, attended many focus groups, review and interview panels leading to my being accepted into the Scrutiny Steering Group in 2020. I am now a member of the Customer Focus Committee, and it’s good to see how the results of attending all the previous groups had filtered up the line, in some cases to Board level. WHAT WiLL YOU BRiNG TO THE ROLE? I have Multiple Sclerosis and being a wheelchair user, accessibility to properties is extremely important to me, together with how people with disabilities of all kinds are treated. I have over the years, had both excellent and extremely bad experiences. Whilst on occasions I find it challenging, I have never regretted getting involved and encourage others to give it a go. It is good to find out what goes on behind the scenes, you do make a difference and if nothing else, you get to meet some very interesting people. We will be looking to recruit more residents to the Customer Focus Committee later in the year. If you would like to find out more please do get in touch with the Governance Team on 01752 388480 or email governance@plymouthcommunityhomes.co.uk