FORMULATING A DEPENDABLE CYBER SECURITY WITH A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACHStrategic cyber expertise requires a holistic view and understanding of the interdependencies of people, practices and technology, and the opportunities for development that they offer.
Our mission is to secure the functions of critical infrastructure as well as protect your organisation´s most valuable assets. 
We guide you to a solid cyber security culture that strengthens your organisation’s resilience to crises and reduces business risks.

Cyberwatch Finland strengthens the resilience of your organisation and helps prevent costly cyber disasters
BENEFITS AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGESImproved situational awareness is the basis for better decision-making.
Our clients can establish a holistic cyber security strategy, build situational awareness across the organisation, and take the necessary measures to build cyber resilience.
REFERENCESIn Finland, our major client is the Finnish Government and its ministries, such as the Prime Minister´s office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Ministry of Defence and Digital and Population Data Services Agency. We also work with Finnish cities and municipalities as well as many private companies from the banking, logistic and energy sectors such as Fortum.

We have facilitated cyber security strategy processes in many countries for example in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Our experts have created a course curriculum for Geneva Centre of Security Policy (GCSP) on Cyber Security Strategies and Polices, and organised the courses five years in a row. We have also assisted Geneva based foundations such as DCAF (Democratic Control of Armed Forces) and the Diplo Foundation in their endeavour to build cyber security competence in many countries.

*Appropriate Client References will be available at request. In some assignments we are bound by specific restrictions stemming from Client confidentiality and privilege.
COMPANYCyberwatch Finland´s strategic-level international expertise is based on experience and an extensive network of experts. Our mission is to be our clients most trusted partner. Therefore we are constantly looking for the best ways to create a steady strategic cyber security roadmaps to ensure your cyber security to the highest possible level.

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