A. The global digital giant FAMGA grouping, consisting of Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon, actively develop the cyber security of their services. Data protection, protection of personal information, is the most important driving force of current and future development initiatives. At the present GDPR is the strongest regulation controlling activities. The importance of data protection will increase as national data protection laws become common in different countries.
B. Digital giants increase cyber security know-how and resources especially through investments. FAMGA companies have made approximately 15 proper company acquisitions within the past five years. In the same length of time, approximately three times as many investments have been made primarily on cyber companies in their early stages. The trend continues and partially grows due to the decrease of special cyber security know-how and competent workforce.
C. Along with data protection, cloud services are an important common denominator in the development initiatives in cyber security. The section of cloud services in the entirety of IT services is growing constantly. One of the most important selection criteria for cloud services is the reliability of the service provider, which makes digital giants sustain their cyber security.

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation in EU, had a good influence on the cyber security of IT services. At the time of implementing the regulation in 2018 and a couple of years prior to it, cyber security leaders could easily present large cyber security budgets to companies' leaderships. The sanctions for not following the GDPR were massive, and defined as a revenue based percentage, they were exceptionally heavy for the international digital giants.

In the summer of 2019, the world's largest fine of 5 billion US dollars was imposed on Facebook in the United States for breaking the data protection regulations. Afterwards Facebook has collected multiple smaller fines, of which the