BATTLE BLADES ED COMBS KA-BAR TDIKnives as backup force options are as contentious a topic as any other in the selfdefense world. While the ideal style of self-defense knife can be debated interminably, it is unquestionable that it is easier for the average individual to bring a fixedblade knife into action than a folding knife. And this is where a unit like the TDI comes in. A joint venture between Ka-Bar and the Tactical Defense Institute, it’s designed for both law enforcement and privatecitizen use as a backup force option, carried on the belt, often either behind an officer’s magazine pouches or on a concealed carrier’s non-dominant side. It’s very light, can be carried very unobtrusively and is grossmotor-skill-friendly. Get yours at BLADE LENGTH: 2.313 INCHESOVERALL LENGTH: 5.625 INCHESSHEATH: POLY WITH REVERSIBLE CLIPWEIGHT: 3.2 OUNCESMSRP: $65.43