3rd Party EmbedsFacebookWho doesn't have a Facebook page these days? We're pretty sure you have yours too. And what better way to promote your brand than by embedding them on your magazine? By the way, don't forget to like our page. 

SoundcloudThe future is in the cloud. For audio, it's in the Soundcloud. Easily share contents from this global library of music, podcasts and all kinds of audio content you can think of.  

YoutubeShare a video on your publication with our Youtube widget. Just paste the URL on the widget and voila, the video is there. Here's a sample Youtube video of cute cats because who doesn't love cute cats?

VimeoOn rare occasions that the video you're looking for isn't on Youtube, it might be on Vimeo that's why we have that widget too. Now here's a video of cute dogs because we have to balance things out. 

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