MEDIAImagesImages are very important to your articles which is why we made it very easy to upload your contents to Typeloft. Our media library is very intuitive - accepts all kinds of media content and has features for very neat organization. 
GIFCall if Giff or Jiff, we don't care. Well, actually we do - it's Giff. The bottomline is, Typeloft is more than capable to add them to your library. 

AudioHave something to say? A podcast perhaps? Any announcements? Or maybe just a song that you want to share to the world? We can arrange that. 
VideoIf a picture paints a thousand words then videos are maybe worth more than a million? After all, videos separate the digital from the analog. We'll let you have fun with it. 
Or you can use this buttons or images to showcase your video.
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