MagLoft Sample PDF

Welcome, dear readers, to this illustrative sample PDF document designed to showcase various text formatting options. In this document, you will encounter paragraphs that demonstrate the utilization of bold, italics, underline, superscript, and subscript styles. Feel free to explore and familiarize yourself with these formatting techniques.

Bold Text

Bold text is used to emphasize important points or to make certain words stand out in a paragraph.


Italics text is commonly used to indicate titles of books, movies, or other creative works, as well as to emphasize words or phrases within a sentence..

Underline Text

Underline text is another method of drawing attention to specific words or phrases. It can be used for hyperlinks or to highlight essential content.
## Superscript Text

Superscript and Subscript

Superscript is used to represent **exponents** or **footnotes**. For instance, in the chemical formula H₂O, the "₂" is in superscript.
Conversely, subscript text is used to display text or numbers that are smaller and positioned slightly below the baseline. A common use is in chemical formulas, such as CO₂, where the "₂" is in subscript.
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