Colonial Secretary’s Office, Melbourne, 12th December, 1853:

HIS Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, in pursuance of the power vested in him by the Act of the Governor and Legislative Council of New South Wales, 13th Vic., No. 29, hereby declares that the Township of Hamilton (formerly known as the Grange), in the Colony of Victoria (the boundaries of which are specified below), shall be within the operation of the 3rd clause of the said Act, so as to constitute it a place at which any fermented or spirituous liquors, or any mixed liquors, part of which is fermented or spirituous, may be sold in quantities of not less than two gallons at any one time.
By His Excellency’s Command,
Description of the Township Reserve of Hamilton, formerly known as the Grange.
Commencing at a gum tree marked on four sides, bearing south 88 degrees, west 46 links, and bounded on the west by a line bearing north 36 chains, north’ 7 degrees 15 minutes, west 22 chains 28 links ; thence east 1 chain 80 links; thence by the termination of a road bearing north chain; thence by a line bearing north 72 chains ; on the north by a line bearing east 100 chains ; on the east by a line, bearing south 130 chains; and on the south by a line bearing west 99 chains.