Reasons to refi nanceWith interest rates at historical lows, refi nancing your mortgage can be a tempting proposition. But to truly profi t from a refi , you’ll need to run the numbers to confi rm that you’re not wasting time and money.As a rule of thumb, lowering your rate one half to threequarters of a point is worth the effort and should reduce your monthly payment. However, if you’re planning to move in the near future, the savings likely won’t recoup typical closing costs.Clarifying your fi nancial goals is essential. Refi nancing to a 15-year loan can provide signifi cant savings on interest charges, but if freeing up cash for other expenses is the target, a 30-year loan can accomplish that goal. B.K. @home gymWhether your gym is closed or operating at limited capacity, or if you just want to avoid exposure, working out at home is a great way to stay in shape. Here are four mobile apps to help you get started. — B.M. 1. Peloton Use the 30-day trial to sample live and on-demand running, cycling and strength exercises.2. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach These guided workouts adapt based on your performance. PEAR’s free tier includes a limited workout selection.3. Shred Daily workout routines include gym, bodyweight and cardio. Sample it via a seven-day free trial.4. Daily Yoga This free app (with in-app purchases) includes more than 50 workout plans to help you get fi t.