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Turn your backyard into an office

When the nation’s workforce was sent home to work remotely during the pandemic, finding space to work became an issue for unexpectant professionals to juggle, whether providing connectivity to facilitating workspaces for everyone in the family. People started looking outside of their four walls for options.
“A lot of people never really had their home set up as an office,” one shed manufacturer told the Chicago Tribune. “So, having a quiet place allows them to make the most of the work-from-home lifestyle.”
Create your workspace 
You can revamp your existing shed, build your own, buy a prebuilt shed or hire a contractor to build you a custom structure. The space can be as big or small as you want, but you may need a permit to build one (check your local zoning laws and homeowner’s association rules for the specifics).
Whether you’re upgrading an existing shed or building a new one, you may need to wire it for electricity and install insulation, windows, roofing and flooring (you can do it yourself or hire help). Make sure your Wi-Fi signal extends into the yard or call your internet provider for help.
Personalize your domain 
Make the space your own with a desk, office chair, computer and office supplies. Add a lounge chair for breaktime, paint the walls and hang some family pictures or other wall art to personalize your space. 
Bridget McCrea