Home Lending

Refi nancing your mortgage may save you money on your monthly payment, if the current value of your home has increased. Visit AACreditUnion.org to fi nd out more about:
Refinancing Options: Do you have a mortgage with another lender? Our refi nance programs may be a better fi t.
Rate Modifications: If you currently have an American Airlines Credit Union Mortgage Loan, we may be able to change your interest rate or loan program for a low fee.
Streamline Refinance: This option can lower overall monthly payments, but is reserved for member-owners who currently have their mortgage with American Airlines Credit Union.
The equity in your home is a valuable resource, and we want to help you tap into it. Our Home Equity Lines of Credit can be used for many purposes, such as adding a room, buying a car or consolidating high-rate credit cards. You can even fi nance your children’s education.
Access your fi xed or variable rate line of credit when you want it. This convenient account provides the fl exibility to borrow the amount you need when you need it.* Visit AACreditUnion.org or call a Consumer Loan Specialist for specifi c terms and conditions.
We also offer HELOCs for non-owner occupied homes. Cash in on the equity in your investment, rental or second home with the help of this time- and moneysaving loan. With a fixed interest rate that may be lower than many unsecured types of credit, you can access the cash when you need it and cover expenses as they come up at irregular intervals.
* Only one Home Equity Line of Credit is allowed in the state of Texas per year. The minimum draw amount is $4,000.
For more information or to apply, visit us at HomeLoAAns.org. Or speak with a home loans representative at (800) 533-0035, Ext. 4201.