As part of our joint commitment to each other and the communities in which we operate, all racegoers should be aware of the Code of Conduct and observe the following whilst at our Racecourse.
♦ For the safety of other racegoers and racecourse staff, please consider wearing a face covering in busy indoor areas or outside where social distancing cannot be maintained.
If you feel you may be experiencing any of the recognised symptoms of Covid-19, please put on a face covering and speak to a member of staff in a well ventilated area. It is best to travel home if it is safe to do so.
Regularly wash your hands, use hand sanitiser and avoid touching your face and dispose of any used tissues appropriately.
Familiarise yourself with your entry point and the location of amenities within the racecourse.
We are operating a cashless event. On-course bookmakers/pool betting operators may accept cash.
Enjoy the vast amounts of space around the racecourse and avoid congregating in busy areas (for example, along the rail or by the Winning Post).
Make sure all walkways, corridors and doorways etc are clear before you walk through.
Follow all signage and the instructions of staff, officials or any emergency service personnel present at the racecourse.
Make sure other members of your group have read and understood these guidelines.
Thank you so much for your continued support and co-operation.
We hope you have a wonderful day with us.


T: 01942 725 963