GEAR WE LOVE CCM STAFF MAN-PACK OP SACDISCREET DEFENSE ■ This shoulder bag is set up for concealed carry but is also purposedesigned for commuters, travelers and others who need to keep a bag of the essentials on them at all times. Check it out at MSRP: $99.99-$119.99 CYCLOPS HEADLAMPS MSRP: $32.99 and up■ Though there’s plenty of room for interpretation as far as the execution goes, at least one headlamp of some kind should be in every vehicle and emergency kit in this country. Cyclops offers affordable, dependable units that are optimized for everything from hiking and camping to hunting and fishing. You can get yours through most online retailers and at SLIDEBOOT MSRP: $12.99 and up ■ Depending on your shooting habits, you may occasionally load multiple polymer-frame pistols into a single bag for transport. But traditional gun cases can make this a very bulky process, and relying on those thin nylon dividers just isn’t enough sometimes. The neoprene SlideBoot from Sentry allows you to bag up each pistol without risking its coating, and it — along with similar units for protecting your rifle and shotgun scopes — is available at PRYBAR MSRP: $75 This titanium unit from GiantMouse (shown with a .380 Ruger LCP magazine for scale) is a bottle opener that can hang your keys from a belt loop, sure, but it is also a handy tool — and an emergency force option as well. You can order one from, but as with everything else for sale there, it will sell out quickly.GUNNY GLIDE GRAPHENE LUBRICANTMSRP: $10/10mlInitially designed for knife pivots, this lube keeps the graphene suspended in its solution, providing excellent coverage and extremely positive results in both knives and firearms. Equally importantly, Gunny Glide ships in a needle-applicator bottle — not a standard dropper bottle — allowing you to apply exactly how much you want to apply exactly where you want to apply it, greatly reducing waste. You can order yours at BORE HARD-CAST .380 MSRP: $34.68/20 ■ Though pocket .380s are excellent carry pieces, they often do not launch projectiles with sufficient velocity to reliably expand jacketed hollowpoints. If this is the case with your pistol, hardened-lead flat-nose is likely your best bet. These rounds are designed to penetrate deeply into mammalian attackers and can be sourced from