Celebrations are full of fun and this November as we celebrate women in tech, I decided to take some time off from writing long paragraphs and have some fun with this crossword puzzle that celebrates women in Tech. I hope you have fun solving it.

Crossword Puzzle



3. She loves drones and is a trained drone pilot. With her, knowledge is power.
6. She created HerNovation.
7. An inspirational leader. Worked with IBM and Digitas.
8. A serial founder, if you use digital car insurance, she pioneered it
9. A Master of Leadership and strategy advisory board member of Eco Mobile and Africa Digital Media Institute.
12. An IFC trailblazer in 2019, she has held leadership positions in Microsoft, AkiliAfrica and Carl Bro.
17. New African Magazine 100 most Influential Africans, a voice for advocacy.
19. A powerhouse in the cybersecurity landscape, a former CISO, Research and Special programs director at Africa Cyber Defense Forum.
22. Dedicated to access to education, she co-founded an organisation that allows African students to access university opportunities in other countries.
25. A seasoned advocate in the technology law and Top 40 Women Under 40.
27. A passionate champion of sustainability and energy managemen
28. All those who we are celebrating this November.
30. An advocate for human rights, she leads public policy in East Africa for a recently rebranded BigTech.


1. Top 30 Quartz Africa Innovators in 2018, a powerful innovator, CEO and Founder.
2. The country manager of a large BigTech, and founder of She-Goes-Tech.
4. WhatsApp banking champion.
5. A country manager for a top cybersecurity firm, a track record with multinationals Cisco, Checkpoint VMware and more.
10. From a financial institute to a BigTech, she has been in strong tech roles all through (just Google it).
11. SPIDER, TOP 40 WOMEN UNDER 40, passionate about empowerment.
13. Leading the marketing push for a well-known cybersecurity firm in East Africa that reminds us of IRobot.
14. First woman as the chairperson, membership and outreach Kenya at the internet society.
15. A DPO in a large green company.y
16. Another doctorate, Elder of The Burning Spear 18. From Sendy to OLX to GLOVO, she understands solving African problems using technology.
20. A master of delivery from airlines, manufacturing and now banking.
21. An advocate passionate about the law and policy, she joined a big green company.
23. Over 20 years’ experience, a doctorate scholar, and a director of research.
24. Wearing two hats in a company pioneering women in tech in the company.
26. Wearing two hats an MD and GM, she is passionate about collapsing boundaries in the social and economic sectors.