WHAT’S IN YOUR PANTRY?with olivia culpoOlivia Culpo is a fashion influencer, model and former Miss USA and Miss Universe. Olivia, a modern celeb on social media, shares everything from fashion and fitness to recipes and hilarious TikToks.FAVORITE PURELY ELIZABETH SNACK?I love the grain-free granola. It’s the perfect snack to travel with and have something to munch on, or I love to add some as a topping to my acai bowls or yogurt parfaits.MORNING BEVERAGE? Coffee for sure. I love hot coffee in the morning, and I try to always blend in collagen and a little almond or oat milk. Right now, I am loving the Vital Proteins unflavored, but they also have amazing Collagen Coffee Creamer that is so creamy, my favorite is Vanilla.STAPLE ITEM(S) IN YOUR PANTRY?Rao’s Tomato Sauce, chicken stock, pasta, BOOMCHICKAPOP Popcorn. I come from a big Italian family so we love to make pasta at the drop of a hat for any occasion or time of day – so I always keep pasta and pasta sauce on hand.ALWAYS STOCKED IN YOUR FRIDGE?Lemon, eggs, avocado, almond milk – my staples!FAVORITE FREEZER BUYS?Bone broth! Also ice cream, I can’t live without my ice cream.IMMUNE-BOOSTING SUPPLEMENT OR INGREDIENTS?I swear by Vitamin C, grape seed extract, garlic. When I cook I basically double the amount of garlic a recipe calls for and I swear it’s the secret to staying healthy while traveling.“We all grew up knowing food brings people together and shows that you care for them.”ANY FOODS OR INGREDIENTS YOU AVOID?I try to maintain a balanced diet and there are no foods I avoid completely for dietary reasons. I swear by the 80/20 rule — 80% clean eating, 20% treating yourself ! Lately I have been baking a ton, so maybe more like 70/30 right now!GO-TO DINNER THAT’S HEALTHY AND QUICK? Grilled chicken with palmini (pasta made out of artichoke) with sautéed mushrooms and Rao’s Tomato Sauce. It is completely carb-free, quick and easy!FAVORITE HOMEMADE TREAT?Homemade fried chicken biscuit sandwich or simple chocolate chip cookies! My sisters and I had a chocolate chip cookie bake off around the holidays and I am not bragging but I did win in a blind taste test!!SOMETHING YOU DON’T MIND SPLURGING ON?Ice cream. It just makes me so happy!WHAT INSPIRES YOUR COOKING?I love creating and being creative with food. It’s so fun for me. Additionally, I love seeing the people I care about happy and well-fed! Maybe that is the Italian in me. My mom was always cooking and it definitely left an impression on myself and my siblings. We all grew up knowing food brings people together and shows that you care for them.KITCHEN APPLIANCE ALWAYS ON-HAND? KitchenAid, Vitamix, Le Creuset Dutch Ovens, pizza stone and french press. I’ve also been experimenting with an airfryer and have made some really cool recipes!NEWEST FOOD TREND YOU ARE CURRENTLY LOVING? I’ve always been really intrigued by pasta substitutes like spiralized zucchini, squash, sweet potato, artichoke, etc. I also love the CBD trend and have been trying out a few different supplements in that space.GUILTY PLEASURE?I have a sweet tooth so anything with chocolate, chocolate + peanut butter or ice cream. I have chocolate on me in my bag 99% of the time to snack on at any minute.THRIVE PURELY

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