This book belongs toWhich bird has a bill with a pouch? The pelican is a large water bird with a long yellow bill. Its bill is special with a big pouch in it – to store small fish. Which water bird is pink and has a crooked bill? The flamingo is a big water bird. It has a long beak and a crooked bill. A flamingo looks very beautiful with its pink and black feathers. Which is the largest bird in the world? The ostrich is the largest of all birds. It is very heavy. It likes plants, herbs, berries and sometimes stones too. The ostrich runs the fastest among birds, but it does not fly. How is an owl different from other birds? An owl can see very well in the dark. Unlike other birds, the owl sleeps all day and hunts at night. An owl can fly very quietly without making fluttering sounds. You can find an owl almost anywhere in the world, in forests, deserts and grasslands. But a barn is the place an owl enjoys living in the most. Which bird is called the rainbow bird? The macaw is called a rainbow bird. This bird is very colourful – bright red, yellow, green. Macaws are the largest parrots. They have very strong beaks. They enjoy eating all kinds of seeds. Would you believe that most of all, macaws enjoy licking riverside clay? Are there any birds that do not fly? Most birds fly. But there are a few that do not fly at all. The penguin, ostrich and kiwi are a few such birds. Can a firefly glow? The firefly is a kind of insect – abeetle that glows. At night, these glowing fireflies look like tiny bulbs flying here and there. They are very soft insects. Their glow is yellow or orange Why is it possible for reindeers to live in cold lands? Reindeers are a kind of deer. They have skin that is thick and has fur just like a coat. This fur keeps the reindeer warm and cosy in the cold and chilly winters. No wonder you find reindeers in lands full of snow!Were dinosaurs giant reptiles? Dinosaurs were the largest animals ever to live on earth. They lived a very, very long time ago. Would you believe that they were cousins of the lizard? In fact, dinosaurs were reptiles. Some of these dinosaurs had teeth as long as a man’s arm. Most of the dinosaurs used to eat leaves. Do we get honey from a bee? Yes, we do. The honey bee is an insect that makes honey. A number of honey bees live together in a nest. Their nest is called a hive. Honey is sweet but the sting of a bee is not! What is a desert? A desert is a place with very hot and dry land. Such land receives little or no rain. Very few plants grown here. The camel is a desert animal. It can live without water for days. Why do we find bamboo and panda together at one place? The panda is a cute bear that loves eating bamboo. Would you believe that pandas eat only bamboo and nothing else? So, we find the panda in places where bamboo grows in plenty. Can a snake rattle? Well, there is a snake called the ‘Rattle snake’ which can rattle. It has a rattle at the end of its tail and makes a rattling sound when it shakes its tail. What are mammals? Mammals are animals that give birth to babies. Human beings, dogs, cows, rabbits, mice are all mammals. The big cats like tigers and lions are mammals too. How are sheep useful to us? Sheep are very useful farm animals. We get wool from sheep. With wool we make sweaters and blankets. Can you think of winters without warm wool? Which animal has a belly pouch? The kangaroo is an animal that has a belly pouch. In this pouch the baby kangaroo lives till it grows big. The kangaroo is a mammal. Which animal is man’s best friend? The dog has always been man’s best friend. It is a most faithful animal. Some dogs are small, some are quite big. Some have long, silky hair, some have short hair. Some dogs are floppy-eared, while some have ears that shoot up in the air – ready for action. But they all have a very strong sense of smell.Activity Name the animals in the picture: giraffe, alligator, rhinoceros, dolphin, kangaroo, zebra, penguin, lion, panda, camel, elephant, whale, hippopotamus, tiger, ostrich, monkey, bear
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