THE OPHTHALMIC JOURNAL44 36 48 108 The MYOPIA ISSUE mi features 36 mistory Fun and Function: Myopic Kids in Contacts Optometrist Celine Zhang advocates for a proactive approach to myopia management, after noticing her myopic patients are getting younger. 44 mifeature Managing Adults with Myopia With a lack of research around adult myopia management, Philip Cheng looks at some of the options. 48 mifeature Communication in Myopia Management Effective patient communication to distil the overwhelming amount of information on myopia is vital to protect the future vision of young myopes, Dr SooJin Nam explains. 53 miophthalmology Collaborative Myopia Management Assoc Prof Chameen Samarawickrama argues lessons in cooperation from the COVID-19 pandemic can be applied to the next pandemic: myopia.78 92 112 mi sections11 minews Innovation for myopia care with the launch of the much-anticipated Essilor Stellest spectacle lens. 62 miophthalmology event RANZCO outlines its vision for the future as Brisbane turns on the charm for the 53rd Scientific Congress. 67 mieducation The evolution of Hoya MiyoSmart and evidence to support its efficacy. 73 mieducation Fitting children with daily disposable contact lenses can be a healthy vision correction option, says Claire Mallon. 78 mieyecare An in-depth review of findings from the Western Australian clinical trials for atropine myopia control. 80 mieyecare Specsavers data over the past five years provides insights for tackling the myopia challenges ahead. 82 mibusiness A challenge from the mother of a budding myope sent optometrist Narelle Hine on a journey of discovery that soon became a clinical and business passion. 84 mibusiness Dr Oliver Woo looks back on his 25-year love / hate relationship with orthokeratology. 87 mipatient Jessica Chi says the opportunity to prevent the downward spiral to blindness strengthens her resolve when it comes to myopia management. 91 miprofession Hannah Maher urges other young optometrists to follow her lead and dive straight into the field of myopia control. 92 milenses We review some of the many options for spectacle and contact lens myopia control – Alan Saks says there are some exciting new products on the horizon. 99 mioptometry Optometry Australia looks back on the year that was, outlining its initiatives to evolve and sustain a robust optometry sector. 102 mioptometry event ProVision sets a path for the future, the CCLSA hosts the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cornea and Contact Lenses, and the first Myopia Progression in Children (MPIC) conference. 108 mifashion event mivision takes in the colour and glamour of Silmo Paris for a sneak peek into the future of eyewear. 112 mieyewear Take a lead from Goldilocks to ensure a “just right” fit for kids’ frames. 127 midiary Upcoming optometry and ophthalmology events for 2023.

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