Study Reveals Cationorm DED ImpactThe eye dropemulsion, Cationorm, significantly improved ocular discomfort in patients with ocular dryness, in a cross-sectional study presented recently at the International Cornea & Contact Lenses Congress (ICCLC) in Sydney. 1Eighty-four percent of contact lens wearers in the multicentre study reported that Cationorm reduced ocular discomfort associated with ocular dryness after 15 days of treatment, regardless of lens material, type of lenses, and frequency of eye drop use (95% CI 78.6% - 89.6%).1Cationorm is a preservative-free, lubricating eye drop which alleviates the symptoms of ocular dryness often reported by contact lens wearers. The emulsion, which includes lipids, surfactants and glycerol, targets replenishment and stabilisation of all layers of tear film, and aids in restoring ocular surface homeostasis.2-4It is administered as one drop, up to four-times daily in the affected eye, and is compatible with contact lenses. 5Complete resolution of signs of ocular discomfort was reported by close to half of the study participants, with 87.6% describing their experience of using Cationorm as satisfying, or very satisfying.1Cationorm was well tolerated, with only 8% of patients reporting an adverse event (blurred vision, irritation, itching, burning and red eye).6According to optometrist and President of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists, Damon Ezekiel, “Eye care practitioners are aware that the contact lens market is not growing due to contact lens discontinuation of patients, and the top reasons for contact lens dropout is discomfort (24.4%) and dryness (19.9%).7“Recently, we have been fortunate to have the availability of Cationorm. “This study demonstrates that patients with DED associated with contact lens use may benefit from Cationorm,” said Mr Ezekiel. “The majority of my contact lens patients are struggling with the demands of a digital world, which decreases their contact lens comfort as the day progresses. My advice to these patients who are showing signs and symptoms of decreased comfort with their contact lens wear, is to use Cationorm preservative-free drops up to four times a day. “Within a short amount of time, many patients have reported an improvement in all-day comfortable contact lens wear, and the benefits that accompany this," Mr Ezekiel said. "It is interesting to note that in recent times, contact lens wearers who are regular mask users have been found to have a marked increase in dry eye symptoms, including those who have never previously experienced dry eye, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “So innovative additions to the market, such as Cationorm, are more important than ever,” he added. THE CATIONORM DIFFERENCECationic emulsions, such as Cationorm, work via an electrostatic interaction between the positively charged emulsion and negatively charged cells on the ocular surface, which is designed to prolong resistance time and reduce tear washout. 5,8Its physiochemical properties, including low viscosity, pH similar to tears and hypotonicity, are designed to mimic those of real tears.9,10These features aim to provide maximum comfort for Cationorm users. 11As a result, almost nine in 10 contact lens wearers in this study expressed a desire to continue with daily treatment of their condition. 1In a non-inferiority study with moderate to severe DED patients, Cationorm reduced the total symptoms of dry eye more effectively than HA 0.18% after four weeks (mean reduction 38% vs. 19.9% respectively; difference p=0.0469).4Cationorm is listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (10mL multidose bottle) and is also available in single use ampoules.5References available at

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