Passejada amb BarretBarcelona’s 15th Hat Stroll What started 15 years ago as a small meeting of friends and family determined to wear their hats and have fun has blossomed into a massive gathering and social phenomenon. On a spring Sunday, more than 1500 people donned their hats, many of them veterans of the event, while others were participating for the first time – but surely not their Cristina de Prada28 April 2019Barcelona, SpainThe Hat Stroll has no theme, and so everyone is free to wear whatever they want. Funny enough themes do arise, as families or groups of friends often spend months ahead preparing their hats and tailoring them to a common theme within their group. Those who belong to the steampunk community or turn-of-thecentury modernist styles stick to those looks, while others go for glamour and, for sure, size and impact. Professional milliners also enjoy this crazy environment, and they make sure to wear their most distinctive headwear, showcasing their own style and talent, with many international milliners having made the journey just to take part.With a large number of professional and amateur photographers joining the Stroll (some without hats – to the dismay of the organisers), there seems to be a thirst for attention, which results in hats becoming increasingly whimsical, fancy and often incredibly large. If you join the Stroll wearing a simple summer hat or cap, you might not get camera action, but you will certainly have a wonderful time, because the event remains a welcoming environment for all who love hats. Commemorative badges (co-sponsored by The Hat Magazine) were presented to those taking part in the event. These badges not only offer a much soughtafter memento but also serve as an invaluable tool in estimating the number of participants.More information www.ambbarret.comPhotos by Piet de Meijer & Elly Stemerdink

Interview: Kelly Sullivan Yonce Author of Bayou Liberty.


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