mi fashion newsBlack fin One Blackfin One, a new optical collection by Blackfin, embodies the company’s production philosophy by incorporating titanium as its core style element, and presenting uncluttered designs that showcase the fine technical skills of the artisans who craft each frame. Within the new collection are two slender styles, Crystal Cove and Dana Point (pictured), featuring contrasting gradient colourways that create elegant silhouettes. Visit: w w w.blackfin.eu Dansharian Plays With New Colours Dansharian, a brand that emerged from the 2022 collaboration between designer Alain Miklitarian and Japanese eyewear brand Danshari, presented new and exclusive colour combinations, for its Armenian Soul collection, at Silmo Paris. Pictured is model Arzni, which was presented in black, havana, and champagne; three colours that play harmoniously with gun, lavender, and titanium wire cores. Visit: www.dansharieyewearjp.com Porsche Design Cyber Tec The perfect interaction between motorsport-inspired striking design and unmatched quality, the Cyber Tec Series, by Porsche Design, presents exciting masculine form language, using a mix of high-performance RXP and stainless steel. The result is a futuristic looking frame with a three-dimensional temple design. Contact: Rodenstock (AUS) 02 9748 0988 Convenience is Key: Invu The new Invu optical frame collection, with magnetic clip technology, offers prescription spectacle wearers a convenient solution on a bright, sunny day by instantly converting their optical glasses into high-performing, ultra-polarised prescription sunglasses. Available for men, women and children, the new collection features a slick, custom-made, ultra-polarising clip-on, that’s coated with the latest self-healing Nano technology to instantly repair small surface scratches. The frames are crafted in featherlight ultem, handmade acetate, and precious metals. Visit: invueyewear.com Otherworldly Sunglasses A collaboration between Komono and Antwerp Six designer Walter Van Beirendonck, has resulted in a capsule collection of powerful, uncensored, sunglasses. Employing a monochromatic colour scheme, the collection, described as ‘otherwordly’, is inspired by vintage scuba diving goggles and made from bio nylon. “I knew exactly how I wanted my first design to look and Komono knew how to translate this. The whole developing process ran its course full of respect and creativity,” said Mr Van Beirendonck. Visit: www.komono.com ‘Seastainable’ Sea2see Sea2see’s latest collection harnesses bold colours and trendoriented shapes to inject a fresh and dynamic spirit into its award-winning ‘seastainable’ range. Model Claudia (pictured), with a front produced in 100% marine plastic combined with slender stainless-steel temples, is the first trendy square design in the ophthalmic collection. With models Como, Malta and Ponza also joining the new collection, there is something for everyone. Visit: www.sea2see.org Immagine98 Wows at SILMO Silmo Paris shone a spotlight on the new sun and optical collections of Immagine98’s four brands – X-ide, Rye&Lye, MIC and I-Man. Pictured is X-ide’s Cezanne (shifted), a shining feminine model featuring an almost pentagonal shape embellished with delicate cuts. Visit: x-ide.com Limited Edition Styles by Look-made in Italia Look-made in Italia’s Aurea capsule comprises four limited edition styles – two Look and two Materika – across two premium acetate optical frame collections. The concept for the collection originated with the image of the golden mean, used in art to create works of elegant proportions capable of blending the beauty that exists in nature with that of human beings, based on a deep-seated aesthetic bond. Visit: lookocchiali.it

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