It’s Time for Businesses and Governments to Embrace Omni- Channel

Organisations are facing increasing intermediaries in their supply channels. The challenge then is how do we consolidate demand across each channel in order to provide a positive and consistent experience at scale for customers? The COVID-19 has undeniably accelerated the need for government agencies and businesses alike to unlock new possibilities of interacting with their audiences at speed and scale.
What the pandemic has demonstrated is that, for business continuity, companies must consolidate demand across every channel to meet customer demand, grow revenue, while cutting back on costs. Although the pandemic is far from over, several studies conclude that consumer behaviour will be altered in perpetuity, even post-pandemic.
In fact, companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement. (Aberdeen Group). Therefore, business that fail to unify their engagement channels, risk falling behind their keen rivals.
Organisations typically process vast amounts of data from various customer and supply touch points. The collection, analysis and management of such data is a major challenge for firms as they struggle to implement seamless and integrated communication strategies. Today, the key business success factor lies in an organization’s ability to manage multiple channels and a trained workforce to manage such interactions seamlessly.

Why You Must Consider Omni-Channel Strategy for Your Business

Outsourcing your omnichannel is strategy is the most promising opportunity to empower your customer experience. Leveraging our global workforce solution, powering emerging AI technologies, StepWise’s focus is to enable organizations transform their customer interactions into a unified and seamless interface, from IVR, email, SMS, live-chat to social media.

Key Benefits

• Scalability which means the opportunity for your business to grow.
• Innovation that is inclusion of different channels in one device.
• Engagement between you and your customer.
• Convenience without forcing the customer to re-explain what their issue; and
• Real-time by conversing with the customer at that point in time.

Are You Omnichannel-Ready?

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About StepWise

StepWise Inc. is an impact sourcing service provider with offices in the US and Kenya. With more than 15 years’ experience delivering value to more than 300 customers across five continents. As the first B-Corp. certified in East Africa, StepWise is equally passionate about profits and purpose. StepWise uses the power of technology to train and equip persons from historically underserved communities, particularly, the youth, women, and Persons with Disabilities, to compete and succeed in the 4th Industrial Revolution.
A global workforce solution is provided through powering emerging AI technologies such as autonomous vehicles, chatbots and self-checkout retail. Through our training partner Zalego Academy, StepWise connects accredited talent with the right tools to help global companies solve AIrelated data challenges. Our mission is to combine the power of technology with talented individuals to deliver high quality, socially responsible BPO Services.