Hat NewsHat Museum Showcases ‘Best Artisans of France’Until 20 October 2019Chazelles-sur-Lyon, FranceNews, views and events from around the hat world. Send your news to info@thehatmagazine.comAtelier-Musée du Chapeau, the hat museum in Chazelles-sur-Lyon, is this year exhibiting around 40 headpieces representing the achievement of hat makers who have been awarded the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) – ‘Best Artisan of France’. The MOF award was created in 1924 in France to revitalise traditional crafts and to promote those workers who have endeavoured to excel and innovate in their profession, and honours some 230 crafts, including that of millinery. Since its launch, more than 9,000 artisans overall have received the award and since 1928, 53 hat makers have attained the title, with eight awards being presented since the 2000s, including one in 2018.The national MOF award is judged by a jury of professionals under the auspices of an organising committee. Since 2011, the millinery candidates have to make six hats from a theme, and are required to outline both their technical and their creative process.More information www.museeduchapeau.com/exposition-mof.htmlAt Chazelles-sur-Lyon


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