mifashion profile CarreraDaring Attitude is in the DNA In its 66-year history, Global eyewear brand, Carrera, has never shied away from the spotlight. Characterised by its daring personality and bold legacy, Carrera frames represent the perfect balance of sport and fashion – acompetitive heart with a stylish allure. WRITER Emily Gibbs The name ‘Carrera’ first emerged on the eyewear scene in 1956 when sports eyewear maker and innovator, Wilhelm Anger, decided to rename his company after the Carrera Panamericana, a Mexican open road 3,000+ kilometre racing event. Widely considered as one of the most dangerous, adrenaline-filled races in the world, it was only fitting that the eyewear brand quickly became synonymous with a daring attitude – one which attracted consumers whose desire to defy the status quo characterised their rebelliousness. A passion for action-fuelled racing remains embedded in Carrera’s DNA. Today, it is known as a statement brand for people who live life by their own rules. Drawn to the pioneering design, outstanding quality, and daring appeal, Carrera describes these self-confident individuals as “freespirited trendsetters” who sport their frames worldwide. To best represent this unique market, Carrera has devised three core collections – ‘Flag’, for those who want to stand out from the crowd; ‘Signature’, for the refined wearer; and ‘Active’, for those passionate about the outdoors. Designed by Safilo, at the Safilo Design Centre in Padua, Italy, these frames draw on one of the biggest eyewear archives in the world to seek timeless inspiration from the brand’s roots. However, to meet the interests of a contemporary market, attention is also given to emerging trends. The result is quality eyewear with distinctive detail and iconic style, an example of which is best evident in the Champion model. Loved by actors, athletes, music stars and celebrities, this iconic piece of eyewear falls into the category of frames for those who want to stand out from the crowd. A classic teardrop shape reinterpreted with bold volumes, Champion features unique design elements such as the signature ‘C’ in the middle of the front, and three angular lines on the temples. In fact, in their trailblazing nature, Carrera was the first brand to place a signature trademark in the middle of the front, a unique detail of character that the brand says is “constantly evolving but is never ostentatious”. “ Carrera is well-regarded as a statement brand for people who live life by their own rules Such attention to detail is also evident in the ‘C’ tips found on the temple ends of Carrera frames. This element is elevated from a simple functional feature to a distinctive detail, and was designed specially around the iconic Carrera logo, outlining its profiling and framing its curve. As well as this, fans of the brand will also be familiar with the blackred-black Carrera flag, reminiscent of the lines and colours of car races in the 1970s, and now brandished across their eyewear. From design details to manufacturing quality, Carrera is also proud to harness premium materials for the creation of all its collections. The use of titanium offers uniqueness, exclusiveness, comfort, biocompatibility and lightness, as well as durability, achieved through the material’s high resistance to corrosion. Drawing on its rich past, Carrera endeavours to evolve while remaining faithful to its history and roots. New technologies are currently in the developmental stage, with plans for release over the upcoming seasons. Beyond this, Carrera is set to broaden its horizons with an increase in models for women and younger demographics – all with that iconic daring flare. Carrera is distributed in Australia by Safilo: (AUS) 1800 252 016 and in New Zealand by Black Eyewear: (NZ) 9215 4559 or support@blackeyewear.co.nz. Engineered Elegance: Black fin Aura The Aura series by Blackfin introduces two hand-crafted, thinner-than-ever frames that combine minimalist aesthetics and sophisticated technical details, striking the perfect balance between elegance and engineering. The Clear Lake unisex style has rounded contours and a double bridge, with a colour palette ranging from bright blue and magenta to optic white, green, and antique grey. The Montauk model (pictured), on the other hand, has bolder lines and a square shape, available in bright blue, red, green, grey and silver. On the rims, both styles feature a decorative translucent detail that merges seamlessly with the titanium. All Blackfin Aura styles are hypoallergenic, 100% bio-compatible and nickel-free, and come with tilting nose pads in medical-grade PVC, and feature adjustable, ergonomically designed Swordfish temple tips that ensure unparalleled comfort and fit. Visit: www.blackfin.eu Mykita’s Perfect Companions Mykita’s new sun and optical frames showcase the finesse of the Lite acetate rings concept, a signature Mykita construction, where slender acetate rims are fitted inside a stainless-steel frame. In shapes ranging from 80s-inspired oversize to classic panto, optical newcomers to the Lite range hit a contemporary colour mood with fronts in transparent to milky acetates, such as peridot or melrose. Meanwhile, in the Decades collection, clear-cut shapes in mono colours pay homage to 20th century heritage styles. Visit: mykita.com Safilo Makes a Sustainable Move Safilo Group has introduced Eastman Tenite Renew in its sunglass and prescription collections, beginning in January 2023 with Safilo’s licensed brand Levi’s collections. Through this commitment, Safilo will become the first player in the market to use all Eastman Renew materials in its eyewear portfolio. Tenite Renew is part of a broad range of sustainable materials now offered at scale by Eastman, a global specialty materials provider and pioneer in molecular recycling technologies. Produced via Eastman’s innovative carbon renewal technology, using hard to recycle plastic waste in the place of fossil fuel, Tenite Renew is composed of minimum 42% bio-based content and minimum 20% recycled content*. The resulting material offers the same premium feel and outstanding comfort of acetate with the additional unmatched fit adjustability that opticians need to create personalised eyewear fit. The materials are expected to be rolled out across the Group’s broad brand portfolio as part of Safilo’s commitment to sustainability and efforts to bring more recycling materials to the eyewear industry. Contact: Safilo (AUS) 1800 252 016 *The recycled content is achieved by allocating the recycled waste plastic to Eastman Renew materials using a mass balance process certified by ISCC. INVU: A Dif ferent League The 2023 INVU women’s fashion collection was created to provide this core demographic with stylish sunglasses that feature lens performance because, as INVU head designer, Beat Christ, says, “Women deserve more and should not have to choose between fashion and the latest technological advances”. Proprietary ultra-polarised lenses, by Swiss Eyewear Group, offer crystal-clear, glare free vision while the beautiful, trendy gradient design complements the frame colours. Visit: invueyewear.com A New Chapter for Valentino Maison Valentino will launch a second eyewear collection this month (October), following an exclusive design, manufacture, and worldwide distribution agreement signed last December with Switzerland-based Akoni Group. The latest collection offers six styles, all featuring the Maison’s signature codes – from the iconic stud and V-Logo Signature to the colour palette that clearly, yet subtly, conveys the brand’s haute couture heritage. Frames are 100% produced in Japan, by artisans who have dedicated decades of their lives to mastering their crafts and passing their knowledge through generations. Visit: propergoods.com.au Breaking Boundaries: Komono Junior Founded in 2009 in Belgium by ex-professional snowboarders Anton Janssens and Raf Maes, Komono has added to its boundary-breaking eyewear and watches with Komono Junior, made exclusively for young rebels. With new colour ways and shapes, and made from sustainable materials, the collection gives curious youngsters an opportunity to express themselves through accessories. Komono Junior consists of two lines – one for aged six to 11-years and a second for teens, aged 11 to 15. Visit: komono.com Mr Turk Goes Retro Celebrating 60s and 70s style, the retro inspired Mr Turk eyewear is a vibrant brand handcrafted in Japan with Italian acetates. The vintage-inspired styles and fabrications are paired with bold colours and unique logo executions suited to the modern man. Contact: Apollo Optical (AUS) 1800 227 203

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